The One Where I Make Everyone Go "Aww"

This is my nephew Micah.  He is without a doubt my favorite little kid in the entire world.  I love him to pieces and then some.  Michael and I took him to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday and after just two short hours, my heart was just incredibly filled with so much love {not that it isn't normally} for this little boy and the wonder and amazement that I experiences.  Here are a few pictures to make your heart melt.

Michael and Micah standing in front of the beluga whale tank.  Micah kept going "Dolphins!"

This was in the Ocean Voyager area looking up at lots of fish.  Just happen to capture this from over his head.  He was just bewildered by everything!

Lunch with Oma and Opa at IKEA.  This kid LOVES his chocolate milk.  Then we proceeded to spin him around in the shopping cart because it was so dang fun!


  1. Adorable! There's nothing like spending time with kids to re-center yourself. One of my very favorite pictures ever of my son is of him standing in front of a beluga tank, captivated, and it looks like the animal is looking right into his eyes. It would probably be my *very* favorite picture ever, but some random person stepped into the middle of it. :-(

    1. I really is amazing. I mean, we're watching this Dolphin Show and I'm getting so overwhelmed with emotion that I'm on the brink of tears. And it's only because he is laughing and cheering. I love it! But of course, I can always give him back when he's crying. Ü


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