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Lots and lots of "tagging" games going on with the UBC.  Which makes it kind of fun.  I love answering questions about me and I love to read about others.  It's like a little bit of insight into the world of that person.  So, welcome to my world.  Ü 

I found this set of questions on Cheri's blog over at Idle Chatter.  You should really check her out.  You won't be disappointed.  She writes like I do...whatever pops into her head at that moment.  Let's face it, "how to..." posts are boring to me.  I like learning about people's experiences.  So here goes...

1. If you could make a living pursuing just one type of writing, what would it be?

That's actually kind of a hard one.  I never really saw my self as a writer, but man can I nail a creative writing essay.  I guess I would have to say writing fiction, but kind of based on real-life stuff.  You know, I'd have the freedom to embellish things as I please.  I tend to have a very active imagination!

2. What is your favorite quotation?

That's pretty easy.  "Be the change you want to see in the world," by Mahatma Gandhi.  I think of it a lot in terms of "Do unto others..."  By being the example, others will in turn be examples for people they know.

3. What is the singles best piece of advice you ever received?

Take care of your family.  From my mom.  She's pretty amazing.  It's kind of funny.  My mom raised us to be very independent in regards to relying on people.  But when it comes to family, we're very much collectivists.  You take care of your own.  I will always remember that.

4. What is the most important principle in life for you?

Be honest.  Be real.  Be grateful.  Okay, there's more than one.  But overall, just be a good person that at the end of the day can say, "I did what I could to make the world a little bit better."

5. If you won the lottery (millions of dollars), what would you do with the money?

Well, I don't play the lottery, but I can't say I haven't thought of  a few ideas.  Definitely pay off our debts (car, credit cards, school, house).  Help our families with any debts.  And then travel.  I would love to backpack through Europe.  Then visit South America.  Just keep going.

6. What would you say your biggest accomplishment has been?

Still in school.  I'm hopefully graduating in May 2013.  That will be 10 years from when I graduated high school.  Sounds like awhile, but I have been working a full-time 40+ hour a week job for the last 8 years.  The first couple years after high school should just be written off.  I screwed around and learned a lot of stuff about who I was not supposed to be.  So the day I get my undergrad diploma will be my biggest accomplishment.

7. What are your top 5 favorite movies?

This is actually tough.  In no particular order:  The Breakfast Club, A Beautiful Mind, Empire Records, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Better Off Dead.  That's actually a lot harder than I expected.  I just realized that all of these movies are before 1995 except A Beautiful Mind.  Yeah, I love older movies.  I think the plots are just better.

8. Other than writing, what kind of creating do you enjoy?

Oh boy, will I have fun with this!!  I love all things crafty.  Not even lying.  I love to make stuff.  I just tend to have a problem with finishing projects.  Pinterest has been amazing for ideas!!  I also love baking!  Mmm...Just thinking about food is making me hungry!!

9. What's your favorite kind of milkshake?

I don't really have a favorite.  It's more so, what am I in the mood for?  Strawberry, cookies and cream, or peach.  Yes, Chick-fil-a's peach milkshake is DELICIOUS!

10. Do you have siblings?  If so, how many?

I discussed this in a post awhile back.  Don't get lost now.  I have one older brother, one younger sister, one younger half-brother, and two step-brothers.  Yeah, nuclear family we are not!  But that's okay.  It just means a lot more love.  Ü

11. Favorite sitcom of all time?

Toss up between Saved By the Bell and Friends.  Really kind of hard to determine.


So those are my answers.  If you want to play along, here are my questions.  Some old, some new.  Just be sure to let me know you're going to participate so I can come check out your answers!  Have fun!  Ü

1. What is your favorite quotation?
2. What's the single best piece of advice you ever received?
3. If you won the lottery (millions of dollars), what would you do with the money?
4. What are your top 5 favorite movies?
5. Do you have siblings?  If so, how many?
6. Do you consider yourself to be religious?  Explain.
7. What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
8. Do you come from a nuclear family (no divorce, etc)?
9. Flip-flops or thongs?
10. What do you "do"?  Define that as you please.


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