Five Question Friday!

It is Friday once again!  HOORAY!  Made it through another work week, but only barely.  First week of classes is already kicking my hiney.  I realized this on Wednesday when I crashed at 7 pm and didn't wake up until 5 am, 45 minutes after my alarm.  Yikes!  It's a good thing I keep my own hours.  Ü

Projects for this weekend.  My parents want to hang out at the pool which sounds wonderful and much needed.  But then this growing anxiety begins because I know how much house/school work I have to do.  And we have to cut, clean, wash, and freeze 35 lbs of jalapenos and 1/2 a case of green beans.  We're stocking up before the winter when my parents won't be heading to the farmer's market every other week like they do.  Have I mentioned how much I love my upright freezer? 

Five Question Friday

1. If you could have been {could be} any profession you wanted {brains and $$$ no problem}, what would it be?

That's actually a very easy question.  My dream job would be to work with elder military veterans.  Simply put.  Ü

2. How often do you clean out your car?

Oh, such an embarrassing answer.  So the last time my car was really cleaned, detailed, etc was last May.  I paid my dad to clean it while Michael and I were in Salt Lake City for a few days.  I did really well at keeping it clean until our honeymoon.  We took my car and practically lived out of it for a week.  And then we moved into the house so more stuff got left behind.  Now, it's pretty terrible.  I do practically live out of it.  I was actually thinking that might be one of my things to do this weekend!

3. Do you with there was such a thing as fashion police or are you deeply relieved?

Not going to lie, I'm not the best dresser, but I do dress so certain body parts remain covered up.   It's the way I was raised {Modest Molly!} and personally, I just feel uncomfortable wearing anything too short or revealing.  BUT I do believe that fashion police should exist because some of the stuff people wear just really needs to be outlawed!

4. What's your go to food/drink/activity when stressed?

That would actually be activity and it's sleep.  I tend to sleep the best when I'm stressed and my body is on crazy adrenaline because of it!

5. If you had twins, what would you name them?

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle...Hahaha!  Oh that would be horrible.  You know, I really don't know.  I have compiled lists of names since I've had baby brain recently.  I don't know that I would name them different from those names or whatever Michael and I discussed.

So that's all folks!  Have a great weekend and HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. Stopping by from Five Question Friday!

    Ahhh - sleep! I often feel like curling up in a little ball on my bed and forgetting about my problems when stress gets overwhelming, too!

    Too bad nothing really changes when I wake up. :(

    1. Yeah, that's pretty true. Don't you wish we could just sleep our problems away?!

  2. Mmmm sleep! I love sleep too!


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