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As I was reading my Social Gerontology book today, I came across a "Points to Ponder" after one of the sections.  This is the class that I'm taking online and although I'm nervous about that, I'm really excited about the content.  I'm hoping that this class will help a little on my road to Geropsychology.

So, here's the ponder moment.  I'd really love to hear some feedback too! 
Discuss with friends and family some common terms used to describe older adults, such as "elderly," "old folks," and "elders."  What images of aging and older people do these terms convey?
 Before I begin my thoughts, I wanted to post some pictures of some inspiring elderly people in my life and my families.

This first picture is of my mom and great-grandpa Paul Crowe on the day she was baptized.  I never met him, but I have heard amazing stories from my family and friends' parents who knew him.

My dad who is 62-years-young and Grandpa Sleight.  For starters, I call my dad "old man," but let's be honest.  I know that he has more energy than I do most of the time!  And Grandpa Sleight?  Well, for the short time we were blessed to have him in our home, he was wonderful, so fun, and a joy to learn from.

And lastly, my adorable Granny.  She has lived with us on and off for years.  Sure, there are times when she can get in the way, but she has such a good heart and she has an amazing love for her kids and her friends that I know was passed down to my mom.  I am so blessed to know my Granny and to have had the experiences I have had with her.

If you haven't already noticed, I have a certain reverance for the elders in my life.  The term "old folks" to me instills a sort of mockery of those who have laid the ground before us.  In many cultures, the term "elder" connotes respect and admiration.  Why wouldn't we treat our grandparents and great-grandparents that way?  With respect and admiration.

I'm so grateful for being taught amazing principles in my life like caring for our family.  If there is one lesson that I will remember time and time again from my mother, it is that you take care of family.  They will be the ones that are there for you when no one else is. 

I joke with my dad all the time.  I tell him when he's making me angry that he needs to remember that I'm the one that will pick which home he goes into.  I'm sure he knows I'm kidding.  We'll put him in the garage.  Ü


  1. Haha! Better than the fact I tell mom she will end up in the basement with some pictures on cardboard and at least one meal a week :-) I have always thought of them as my elders and prefer to call them my elders. It is quite sad that there is little respect for those who've been where we are going with little care for their wisdom.


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