Feel the Burn

Not going to lie.  Waking up earlier than usual kind of sucks.  And knowing how sore I am and still making myself get out of bed is like an awesome victory for me!  Let me give you a little insight into my weekdays so you understand.

3:45-3:50ish --- Alarm goes off, hit snooze.  Alarm goes off again, hit snooze.  This repeats about four times before I finally roll myself out of bed.

3:55ish --- Why I can't seem to wake up at hours that normal humans do...like 8.

4:00ish --- Wrestle with the dogs to get them on leashes and out the door.  This is particularly difficult for two reasons.  1) Bear thinks that everything revolves around her so she sits right at my feet...even when I'm trying to put Jolie's leash on.  2)  Jolie is so excited when the leash comes out that she's running in every direction.

4:00-4:15 --- Brisk walk/jog around the neighborhood until my legs burn so bad I can't stand it.  Really need to work on conditioning my legs for this.

4:20ish --- After releasing the hounds, letting them do their business, and a quick stretch, I have to herd them back inside where I eat a little snack and drink a bottle of water.

4:30ish --- 15 minutes of Yoga X from the P90X program.  I've never understood why people say yoga is hard.  Oh my gosh.  I thought I was going to die.  Next week, I'll be starting the entire program.  Pray for me...and my body.

4:50-5:05ish --- After a little cool down {seriously, sweat cascading down my face at this point}, I hop in a rather cold shower. 

5:20ish --- Head downstairs to make a smoothie, fix food/snacks for the day, and try to make it out the door before 5:30.

5:40 --- Out the door for work, smoothie in hand.

6:10ish-4:30 --- Work.  Ugh.  {I work SUPER early Mon-Thur because I have class on Friday.  Have to make up my hours somehow!}

5:00-6:15 --- Stats class on Tuesday and Thursday.  I am now using the trek I have to make from the parking deck to the math building as exercise.

6:20ish --- Make it back to my car and then sit in traffic for 20 minutes trying to get out of the parking deck.  Maybe I should start walking laps around the parking deck while waiting...

7:15ish --- Finally make it home to a wonderful home-cooked meal by the hubz.  He really is amazing.

7:20-7:45ish --- Veg.  This is an important time.  It's when I can just soak up the amazing feeling of the couch.

7:45ish --- Hit the books for about an hour and a half to two hours before hitting the hay.  I've been trying to squeeze in another 15 minutes of yoga before bed.  We'll see how long I keep that up.

That's basically a typical day.  Saturdays are very welcomed for rest.  It's really neat though.  I have only been walking since Monday and I can honestly say that I already feel an improvement.  Other than being sore {pretty much all day}, I feel like my posture is getting better which is important.  I haven't so much been concentrating on "dieting" as much as I have been on just eating healthier.  I'm not cutting out carbs completely {let's face it, I'd be DEAD}.  I am watching my calorie intake and trying to keep that down.  Basically, I've cut out all the bad stuff that comes with a 300 calorie intake in only three bites.  I am still waiting for that moment when I feel more energized.  I'm just really tired all the time...but that could come with only 5 hours of sleep a night.  I know sleep is really important during all this, but when the heck do I have time?

{PS} I am drinking so much water I have to pee like every 10 minutes.  Just thought you should know.  Ü

Lunch yesterday.  A Jimmy John's Turkey Tom with avocado spread and a lettuce wrap.  Saved 200 calories by keeping the mayo off and 100 by switching to lettuce.  Must say, pretty delish.


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