Getting Healthy

So our ward {church congregation} has started a getting healthy/fit challenge.  It's an eight week, points system challenge to help us all get a little healthier.  There's two "winners".  The person with the most points {points for drinking 64 oz of water, eating enough fruits/veggies, engaging with other challengers} and the person who looses the most percentage of weight.

This has come at the perfect time.  I'm ashamed to say, that at only 27 years old, being 5' 4", I am currently at my heaviest weight.  255.2 lbs.  I know some people might think, "{GASP} Why would she announce that?"  Well, this is why.  It's no secret that I'm a larger female than most my height.  I am not ashamed by my body.  Mostly, I am disappointed in myself.  How did it get this far?  Pretty much the same way as most.  I would snack on things that are unhealthy and I don't lead a very active lifestyle. 

That's what I'm trying to change.  I'm incredibly excited about this challenge and I hope I keep with it after the fact.  Now, the hubs and I have done a lot better at eating healthier.  We do occasionally eat out, but we do very well at eating fresh, home-cooked meals most days of the week.  We do snack, but it's not in excess.  Now we're trying to snack a little healthier and we've  started walking again.  I walked the neighborhood this morning in 32 minutes, 1.62 miles.  {That's walking up one side and down the other.}  The hubby has started back on his trikke.  What's a trikke?  {Pic >>>}  Well, it's like a pallet jack, but much more difficult.  I think we've equated it to cross country skiing.  At least that's what we're calling it on the Run Keeper app! 

So what is my plan?  Well, I've signed up on {nifty app downloaded as well} that will keep track of my food, water, exercising, etc.  Personally, I hate having to count calories, but I do like to be able to see what I'm eating as a whole.  I am trying to stay under my calorie limit {about 1860 calories/day}, but I'm not going to stress over it.  I know that stress can be a huge hindrance in losing weight.  My goal isn't so much to obsess over pounds loss.  I just want to get healthier.  The pounds will eventually come off.  I also downloaded the Run Keeper app that will track my walking or trikking {once I'm able to get the hang of it!}.  A few of us in the challenge have also planned to started walking the Silver Comet Trail on Saturdays.  Pretty excited about that!

Overall, I'm really pumped about this.  I want to get healthier.  I want to be able to walk two flights of stairs without being winded {yeah...that's bad}.  I want to be able to run around with my future ankle-biters and not have to stop for breath.  It's the little things in life. 

What are some tips you guys have for me and the other challengers?  I'll try to post weekly updates on how I'm doing.  I need some support and motivation.


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