LML Monday Ü

This past week was pretty good.  I'm not going to lie though, I am missing my parents a bit.  They're working with FEMA assessing flood damages on houses in Louisiana.  I do still talk to them regularly.  They were in down town New Orleans until last night.  They got moved to outside of Baton Rouge.  As long as they're work to do, they'll be down there.  So not sure when they'll be back.

Now for LML Monday.

Really good day.  Only went to Sacrament meeting at church, but it was good to be there for at least that.  Then spent the day laying around watching Disney movies.  It was a good, lazy day.  I called out for Monday and Tuesday.  Taking Kim home Tuesday.

Amazing day.  Started off the day with going to the temple.  Ran into an old friend who was really great to see! Got a hair cut {only a few inches} which also had an amazing head rub included.  Then came home to crash.  After Michael got home from work, we went to pick up Kim to stay at our house for a few days.  I'm taking her back to Columbus {well, just outside Columbus} this week.  Finished the day off with ice cream at some little place in Acworth.  All in all, exhausting but very great day!

Short day at work and then class from 11 am until 3:30 pm.  Then the hubz and I splurged a little by going to Longhorns for dinner.  We needed a little "us" night without the kids {animals} running around our feet.  I just love spending time with him.

Had to wake up way early to take my dad to the airport and still be at work without missing any time.  Made for a long day.  So I opted out of statistics class and just went home.  More time with the hubby.  Ü

Came and went without much exciting.  Spent some time with the hubz before he had to head into work.  That's always my favorite time of the day.

Not much happened Tuesday, but more importantly, nothing to put me in a bad mood.  Except maybe the weather.  It's been dreary with that misty haze-like fog most of the day.  Then, on my way home, the clouds seriously parted and the sun came shining.  By the time I got home, a lot of the clouds had scattered and the sun was starting to burn off some of the moisture in the air.  Funny how after days like this I always welcome the sun...as much as I hate it sometimes.  

What couldn't be better about this day?  Spent the day being lazy and got paid for it!!  I love paid holidays.  We got up a bit early, but still sleeping in, to head to IHOP for breakfast.  We're trying to be lazy, why would we make our own breakfast?  Ü  Then we kidnapped my dad and forced him to go see Dark Knight Rises with us.  Mom left yesterday for New Orleans to work with FEMA, so we decided to keep him company.  The rest of the day was spent pretty much comatose.  Sadly, I didn't do any school reading like I should have, but hey, got some much needed relaxing in and cuddling time with the hubs.  Mondays are his one full day off, so I really love paid holidays that land on Mondays!


  1. Sounds like a nice week.

    I've only been to Longhorns once, but it was yummy!

  2. Thanks for being a part of LML Monday! It sounds like you had a great week. Hope this one is just as good!


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