LML Mon...Tuesday.

Anybody else tired of all the "FML" posts?  I know I kind of am.  And it really kind of hit me when I was working on my Gratitude Journal from CrystalWilkderson.com {sadly, I don't see the journal anywhere on her page} last December.  {I'm actually thinking about doing it again.}  Then, a fellow blogger over at the Bright Side came up with LML {Love My Life} Mondays.  It's basically one day out of the week to look back and think of all of the things that make your life great.  It's a chance to dwell on the good stuff, not the bad. 

I decided to take this challenge.  Now, since I was off work due to the holiday, I didn't get to post on a Monday.  {I tend to avoid the computer as much as possible on the weekend.}  So today's post is Tuesday, but I will do my best to keep them on Mondays.  The kind of hard thing for me when it comes to these is remembering a week back!  I have a terrible memory.  Just ask the hubby!  I'll work backwards.

Got to listen to a fantastic testimony meeting at church.  For those of you not familiar with the way us Mormons run our congregation, every first Sunday of the month is the chance for members of the congregation to get up and express their feelings and faith to everyone else.  They can say whatever the Spirit moves them to share.  Some times it can be very interesting, but there are always moments when someone says something that really hits me and I just feel this amazing burning {no, not heartburn} sensation radiate.  I definitely felt it on Sunday.  Even teared up at a few.  It is a truly wonderful chance to see a side of people you may never have known existed.

Sunday evening we went to my "adopted" aunt's house for a cookout and s'mores around the fire pit.  She is a very dear friend of my mom's and I've known her for going on 17 years.  Love her dearly and her wonderful family!  It was such a beautiful night to just sit around the fire and laugh and talk. 

My bff Kim is in town so we spent the day catching up and getting pedicures.  What doesn't complete a girls' day out like a pedicure!  Oh, then I found an adorable white skirt/jacket suit at Ross on CLEARANCE.  Wore it to church on Sunday.  Kim is like a little sister to me and Michael and I love having her around.  She's adorable and spunky and single...if you know anyone! ;-)

Friday was an interesting day.  I decided to skip out on class to get an assignment done.  Well, on my way back to my mom's house {where I was going to study since they weren't home} from our local MovieStop, I came across an injured Canadian Goose.  I named him Hank.  A car ahead of me stopped and moved him from the middle of the two lanes to the median and then left.  So I pulled over and called animal control.  Unfortunately as my friend Debbie pointed out {she works at a vet office}, if there's no immediate danger {i.e., a dog that bit a child} then they can take forever to pick him up.  I told Michael I didn't want to leave him there.  He was still breathing, but no movement.  Debbie talked me through how to pick him up {I had a blanket in the car} and where to take him.  The ER vet would decide if they can treat him or if they had to put him down.  I carefully wrapped him in the blanket, picked him up, and set him in my floor board.  Let me be sure you know this...I hate birds.  I think they're foul {hahaha...yeah, pun intended} and gross and they have no souls.  But there was something about seeing this poor guy just limp and barely breathing.  I didn't want him to suffer. 

I found out later that day that the vet had to euthanize him.  I wish poor Hank would have lived, but at least I know that he didn't suffer on the side of the road.  Now, while the story is sad, I did help a poor little creature.  And I'm proud of myself for that.

Honestly, I really can't remember much from either of those days.  I'll be sure to keep a mental thought going forward of each day so I know what to proclaim I LML for.  Ü


  1. Yea! Glad to see someone else join in on my LML campaign! :)

    Good for you for helping that bird (as much as you could.) Especially considering how you feel about them. I'm not sure I could have done it. (I have a fear of geese thanks to a childhood trauma, so I'm pretty sure I couldn't have gotten anywhere near it, even if it was injured.) But it does feel good when we are able to help another living creature, doesn't it?

    Have a great week! I look forward to reading next Monday.

    1. Thanks! I'm jumping on board a little late, but eh...better late than never!


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