LML {Sept 24} and Challenge Update

I'll be honest.  I couldn't write this earlier today and I'll share why.

I'm one of the very few people {from what I've heard} that loves what I do.  I love working with our store employees and my vendors.  I have a steady flow of work that keeps me busy.  I do not take blind criticism well.  I also do not take attacks at my job very well.  I take pride in what I do and I make every effort to make sure everything is taking care of quickly and all parties involved are informed.  With that being said, every time I've wanted to walk out the door and not come back is directly related to one person that I work with.  This morning was one of those moments.

Last week went well, got most of my school work completed on time.  I even taught a little mini-lesson to at our Relief Society activity {group of women over 18 at our church} on Thursday.  This weekend was packed with walking for an hour on the Silver Comet Trail with other challengers, drove out to Canton for a friend's son's baptism, Michael and I went shopping for some new kicks, and then dinner at the parents' house on Sunday night.  I started this morning with a great workout completing a 1 mile walk in under 20 minutes after a 30 minute plyometircs {lots of hopping around} work out.  I came into work feeling like I was on fire.

Then this morning I got one email that irked me.  I responded and shrugged it off.  Not letting it get to me.  Then another came across.  This time it really rattled me.  I said my peace to those that needed to hear it and plugged in Disney on Pandora and got to work knowing I'd need the extra uplifting music.  I'm doing what I can to keep the stress down and my spirits up.  I can't let this one person keep bringing me down.

On another note, week 2 of the challenge is done.  We'll probably have the results in the next day or so.  I did great last week with completing 45 minute workouts and I'm trying to keep that up.  I am currently on my goal of losing 2 pounds per week.  I wanted my goal to be realistic and I wasn't trying to shoot for anything that would be disheartening in the end.  I started working in the P90x workouts into my routine this morning, doing those for 30 minutes first and then a 15-20 minute walk after before my body realizes how sore it is.  I've decided to cut my calorie intake based on the recommendation of My Fitness Pal app from 1800 to 1320 calories.  Overall, I'm feeling great and the endorphin levels are streaming through my veins.  Ü  Here's my chart for this last week.

Here's to another great week!  I REFUSE to let today be any less than the day I want it to be!!


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