Results {Week 1}

So our week 1 results are in for our "Get Fit" challenge.  Not sure I explained this, but you can see the breakdown in points to the right.  We get points for accomplishing each of these tasks each day.  If we work out for 5 days, we get a bonus 15 points on Sunday.  If we go 6 days with no sweets/sugary snacks, we get a bonus 15 points on Sunday.  All of the "task" points add up to give us our first points rank {in the blue box}.  Mine was 229.  I really need to bust my butt those extra 15 minutes of exercise for an additional 2 points!

Last names were removed for privacy.
With the weight loss, we get 5 points for maintaining our lowest weight.  So as long as each week we're losing, we get 5 points.  On top of that, we get 10 points for every pound lost through the week.  These points total out {in the orange box} and are added to the "task" points to come up with the grand total {in the yellow box}.  We currently have two rankings, one with "task" points only and one with "task" points + weight loss points.  Here are the results >>>

I'm not going to lie, a little bummed that Michael and I came in last on the "task" points rank, but that just means we really need to kick it into gear.  I'm really proud of him for being 2nd on the weight loss points rank.  I'm in 5th so far and still happy.  A loss is a loss.  Ü

Yesterday I was doing a lot of reading on super foods.  I find it completely fascinating that there are so many different foods that can help you with so many different ailments.  Why take these pills that companies are throwing out like candy when you should just eat healthier?  {By pills, I mean the crazy weight loss supplements and energy boosters...not prescriptions.}  I'm blowing my mind here.  For instance, I learned that you can ferment garlic to make black garlic and it ends up doubling the amount of antioxidants {compared to fresh garlic} and becomes more sweet.  You can cook with it as you would fresh garlic and it won't leave the garlic smell on your breath.  How cool is that?!  We may have to buy some to try. 


  1. Thought I would pay you a visit and what do I find but a blog about getting healthy excellent

    1. Yeah, go figure the one that I'd read on the UBC page was from a weight lifter. ;-) Thanks for stopping by. Any tips??


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