Week 2 Results...

Can I just say, I am seriously proud of the work my hubz has been doing?  He has been really kicking it into gear.  And it's showing this week.  On top for last week.  Not really sure where we're at since the beginning, but even this is a motivational boost for me. 

Lots of people had perfect points without weight which means that a lot of people are doing everything they're supposed to in order to get those points.  The breakdown ends up coming down to weight loss for the week.  Hopefully he can stay in that lead!  Ü

On another note, while walking {in shear pain, might I add} this morning, I told Michael that I think I'm going to forgo the P90x work outs for right now.  As much as I'd like the lose a bunch of weight now, I'd rather concentrate on getting comfortable with walking in the mornings and just eating healthier.  Eventually I'll work on the toning and what-not.  Besides, every muscle in my legs hurts so bad right now, sitting on a toilet is painful!  I grunted through the pain this morning and we completed two miles in about 47 minutes.  Not quite the pace I wanted to go, but it was difficult to walk, so I'm good.  At least we got out of bed and did it!


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