five.question.friday {oct 12}

plans on the schedule this weekend?  well, started the day off pretty well.  woke up with a bad pain in my shoulder.  combination of throwing around bundles of boxes yesterday and sleeping on it wrong.  :(  i really need to work on that.  so i skipped out on work.  got some homework done that is due today.  i haven't been able to stay awake past 8 pm which makes doing homework difficult.  got my hairs cut.  i threatened the hubs that i would cut it off.  only took about 2-3 inches off.  it's still below my shoulders and i love it!

tomorrow?  i have plans to head to home depot to buy the materials for micah's birthday present.  can't believe that little bugger will be 2 in a few weeks.  i really just want to lay in bed and do nothing, but that may not come until sunday.  michael is calling in sunday morning and we're heading to a corn maze saturday night.  i'm pretty stoked!  it's been forever since i've been to a corn maze.  sunday?  not much planned.  be lazy i guess.  still trying to get everything ready for our week away.  we leave in like 9 days.  yay!!


1. did you have any homecoming traditions?

actually, no.  i think i only went to two homecoming dances.  not really my thing.  i mean, it was fun to get all dolled up, but then it was an utter pain to scrape the make up off and get all that darn hairspray out of your hair!!

2. do you ask your spouse before spending money?

it depends.  if it's a few bucks, not usually.  but if it's like $20 and up and it's something that i know we don't really need, then i do consult him.  example, i was walking around target last night and found a programmable crock pot on clearance for $23.  originally $45. we have a crock pot so it's not a need, but the programming capability is what i was drawn to.  {thanks, mom!}  so i called him to see what he would say and he was fine with it.  sure, some of you may be like, "it's only $23.  what's the big deal?" wasn't a need.  if it was something that we truly needed, then i wouldn't have called.  to me, it's being considerate of his feelings towards our money.

3. if you could be famous for something, what would it be?

hmm...that's a tough one actually.  i'm thinking sleeping.  no, seriously.  i'd be the sleeping beauty of our time!  =P

4. have you ever seriously thought you were going crazy?

not even going to lie...i felt like this on tuesday.  i was upstairs, doing some homework while bear was in her cage downstairs.  she just started barking.  like, a lot.  and she kept barking.  before i knew it, i was flying down the stairs checking all of the locks on the doors because in my crazy mind, i thought someone was in the house!  i do that more often than i'd like to admit...

5. how do you eat your stake?  burger?  {as in well done, medium, still "moo"ing}

for most meats, i like it still kicking.  hahaha!  okay, not that red, but i'll usually go with medium-rare to medium.  if there's no pink, there's no flavor.  i don't know how people eat well-done meats.  just doesn't seem right to me.


  1. Yeah, I can't do that meat-still-red thing. Sometimes I can tolerate medium, but only if it's actually cooked properly, and not really medium-rare. So, I have to go for medium well.

    And as for checking the doors and all, I used to do that sort of thing ALL. THE. TIME. I still have my occasional moments, but I'm glad that I've mostly aged out of the really bad paranoia.


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