LML Monday! {Oct 8}

So, as I said on Friday, the week wasn't terrible, but boy was it busy!  This weekend was a little better in that most of the busy-ness was around the house.  The 5K went great!  I walked it in just under an hour.  I'm very proud of myself for that and I'm working up to getting a mile done in under 15 minutes!  I know Michael can do it!  The rest of the weekend was spent prepping and freezing product and cleaning...lots of cleaning!  Getting stuff put up on walls, etc.  Trying to get the house ready for when we're gone {in 14 DAYS!} to Disney.  My BFF is coming up to stay with the dogs and keep them company.  Can't have the place looking like a mess!  Ü

We sent in our week 4 totals and I'm still losing pounds, which is good.  I'm really thinking that working the jogging in has helped even though I feel like it's killing me when I do it!  I can honestly say, that after 4 weeks of doing this, I am really urged to turn this into a life-long challenge.  I was thinking about it today when Michael was jogging ahead of me.  He'd run a ways and turn around.  I told him I wasn't prepared to run this morning and then told him why.  I realized on Saturday why you don't see very many voluptuous female runners.  They would knock themselves out with theirs ta-tas!  Seriously.  Those puppies need to be strapped down with duct tape!

Anyway...so I was thinking this morning as I was walking {didn't it feel amazing?!} how wonderful this challenge has been.  For starters, it's really brought Michael and I closer, and that's never a bad thing.  Ü  He gets up super early and walks with me in the morning.  Some days he even goes back out and does stuff on his own or with his dad.  Tonight we're playing racquetball at the local req center.  He's been such a motivation to me as well.  Just this morning, I wasn't feeling like running, but there he went sprinting into the darkness.  He'd go a ways and then turn around and come back to me.  He'd walk a little bit and start sprinting again.  He cleared 2 miles in under 30 minutes!  I'm so proud of him!!  I still didn't run, but I will tomorrow.

Anyway, so last week's breakdown:

Here are the rankings for week 3.  Didn't get a chance to put them up last week.  Still excited about Michael's position in weight loss.  He's doing really good!!


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