{Project Life} Week 4: 01.20-01.26

Week 4 had a lot of "I'm bored let's just screen shot everything."  It was just a slow week.  I did just get my new stuff from Amy Tangerine from her Ready or Not collection and I LOVE all of it!

I took the picture on the far left from the sunroof of my mom's car.  It was such a beautiful day.  And I was waiting in slow traffic.  The card to the right of that is from the Project Life Turquoise card kit.  The next one is a quote from Lucille Ball: "Love yourself first and everything else falls into place."  Someone posted it on Facebook.  I was needing the pick me up.  I had to add the picture of me practically falling asleep at my desk.  The picture on the bottom left is my planner with all of my week's assignments.  It doesn't seem like much, but I think it's because there's so much space.  Kind of like pushing your veggies to the edge of the plate as a kid.  ;-)

I got bored during work and sent the hubby a bazillion kissy faces.  He retaliated.  It had to be documented.  Ü

The card and little ticket embellishment are from the Amy Tangerine set.  Aren't they CUTE?!  I got my "fake rich" money as we call it.  A snapshot of the email is in the corner and a list of how we were spending it.  Yeah, it all went to car stuff.  #adultproblems

BTW.  The best pens in the world are Uniball Jetstream pens.  They're AH-MAZING!  And no, I did not receive any compensation to make that statement.  I love mine so much!  And when the red was skipping, I sent an email to Uniball and  they sent me a replacement!  Great customer service! 

We decided to try using Farmers Market Baskets since my parents haven't been around to do produce.  I added the email for our first basket.  It was actually pretty good.  Not quite as big as what we get with my mom doing it, but still a lot!  The cards and ampersand stamp are from the Amy Tangerine set.

The hubs took the picture of Bear cuddling with my blanket.  She's such a goob.

The picture on the left was taken while sitting in traffic.  This was the traffic I was in when taking the sunroof picture.  The sunset looks beautiful!  The filler on the right is from the Amy Tangerine collection.  The little heart is soft!

We're planning a trip to Ireland in October.  SO EXCITED!  The hubby has wanted to visit for forever.  I have too, but he's WAY more excited.  We decided to plan the entire trip ourselves and use Trip Adviser to look at bed and breakfasts.  They're incredibly cheaper than hotels and they're way more authentic.  This email is from one of the ones we were looking at in Kinvara, near Galway.  I really hope this trip works out!


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