{Project Life} A New Year

Just before Christmas last year, I was smitten with this thing called Project Life.  It's basically a simplified version of scrapbooking.  I have not been one to scrapbook although I do love collecting all sorts of crafts to do it!  Scrapbooking can take a long time and sometimes it just doesn't capture everything.  The idea of Project Life is to simplify and quicken the process.  You can read all about how it got started, how you can start, etc from Becky Higgins' blog here.  She's the one that came up with it and I for one am very grateful because it has been a lot of fun so far!  Six weeks strong.  Ü

So I will try to get in the habit {we'll see how long this lasts} of posting my weekly spreads in an effort to share my world with some of you.  I will also try to remember where all of my papers and embellishments came from, but I have a lot and a really bad memory...so, yeah.  I actually started it in December because I was WAY excited to get it going.  I'm not going to start there, though.  To start, the beginning of 2013.  The title page.

{Title page} None of the pictures I chose to add to the title page layout are recent.  The top right picture is on our wedding day in the back of the Atlanta LDS Temple.  The picture to the far left is the day we became home owners and moved into our house.  The picture in the middle to the right is from New Years Eve 2010 when we flew to NYC.  I wanted this page to show where we began.  The bottom left 4"x6" came from Project Life Turquoise edition core kit.  There's a little cardboard button sticker in the corner.  I got a set of stuff from Wal-Mart.  I think it's Studio G stuff.

Out of all of the little do-dads on this page, the right 3"x4" has to be my favorite.  And I came up with it myself!  The printed paper is from the Studio Calico Block Party Card Kit from January.  The "You Are Here" tag was part of their printable collections from January.  I have a monogram address stamp that I really wanted to incorporate into the title page so I stamped it onto a piece of vellum (from the card kit as well) and attached it.  I love the way it turned out!  Again...where we started.

I really do love the picture of us in NYC.  I used an app called FrameArtist on my iPhone to make polaroid-looking photos.  The "LOVE" is a cardstock sticker.

A closer image of the front of our house.  The 3"x4" to the right was from the January card kit and the "hello 2013" was from the printable collection.  I adhered it with a piece of adhesive foam to give it a little more dimension.

This was a stamp that came with the January card kit.  It didn't stamp real well in the middle, so I just colored it all in with a black Micron pen.  The gray pennant and flower adhesives are cardstock stickers.  I don't remember the brand, but I think I got them at Wal-Mart.

"You & Me" tag came from the January card kit as did the tiny bathroom people stamp {you know what I'm talking about...}.  The background card is from the Project Life Turquoise edition core kit.  I love the kraft paper heart that the people are stamped on.  I got these from Target in their $1 aisle.  They're stickers and there were a bunch of other shapes.

"you & me" and the red heard are from the same set that the others were from in the "New Year" photo.

So that's it for the title page.  It actually took me a couple weeks to come up with everything that I wanted on it.  I am overall very pleased with it.


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