{Project Life} Week 1: 01.01-01.05

Week one was fun and yet a bit challenging.  I've seen amazing ideas on how to make the most of my PL {that's what all the cool kids are calling it!} binder, but I really wanted to meld it with lots of me.  I decided to use a lot of things from my life.  Pictures of my nephew that my brother sends, inspiring/funny/quirky posts that I see on Facebook, quotes from church...really anything that speaks to me.  I want this to be something that I can show our future kids so they can get a sense of who their parents were before they came along. 

I decided to add a weekly prompt to the binder as well.  Paper Coterie is an amazing tool to print fun photo stuff.  Occasionally they create printables that are free to download and print.  They came up with 52 weekly prompts to use for a journal.  So, I'm using them to journal here.  You can find there here.

 I started my binder by making all of my title cards before hand.  I finished them all up about the first, maybe second week of January.  I got the idea from the blog that I originally found out about PL on.  A Vegas Girl at Heart.  I loved her layout so I decided to mock it, with some slight variations.  {Hey, imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?}  Ü  I created the calendar, based on her brilliant design.  If I ever figure out how to post attachments, I'll share it.  I printed them on a gray cardstock.  All of the pennants I cut from 3"x4" cards from the Turquoise core kit.  The "Happy New Year" ticket was from the Studio Calico January printable collection.  I used my Circut to cut out all the numbers.  The January numbers were cut from the Turquoise 3"x4" textured cardstock.  The background cardstock is from Recollections.


There will be LOTS of pictures of our fur-babies, so be warned.  The 3"x4" quote came from the Turquoise core kit.  I made the "be happy" card on the bottom left.  Made it with Recollections cardstock and the "be happy" is an adhesive sticker from Studio G.  Same with the cardboard button sticker in the corner.  I'm not sure where the paper is from in the top right 4"x6".  The washi tape is from the Studio Calico January card kit.  The "hello" is an adhesive cardstock sticker from Studio G.

I love showing off pictures of the little nugget.  Ü  The lamp and "shine" are rub-ons that I got from the Michaels dollar bins a couple years ago.  I really love these!!  The background paper is from the card kit.  The card to the right is from the January printable collection.  I used a Turquoise journaling card to write about the little Monkey.  I made the card on top left with a Studio G stamp and cardstock stickers from that random collection I got at Wal-Mart.


This picture is just the epitome of joy, in my opinion.  I just laugh when I look at his tiny body flying around.  The card on the right is a quote from Alma in the Book of Mormon: "...by small and simple things, are great things brought to pass."  I think I added it because of something I wrote in the weekly prompt.


  1. Love! Imitation is the best form of flattery, I agree :) Thanks for linking to me.

    By the way, for attachments, I have a Weebly account - you can have a free one (love this site, no ads) and attach files up to 10MB, or a Pro one with a 250MB file limit (which, really, you're probably not going to hit). Upload your file, publish, and then link to it on the blog.


    You can just set up a random basic site and use that to store your download files. :)

    1. Well they're adorable! And they're easier to coordinate other stuff with. I mean, I like my core kit, but I wish I had rethought it before hand. I'm using so much more of other stuff! Plus I got a lot of free cards from your site before starting. :)

      Thanks for the info! I'll look it up!


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