{Project Life} Week 2: 01.06-01.12

Week two has a little more to it than week one.  It was the last week with my adorable little Monkey before they all went home to Illinois.  So I savored every moment I possibly could and took as many pictures as I could.  He is growing up so fast and I miss him so much!!

I really utilized my homemade Polaroid pictures this week.  I included an insert with this spread so I could include more amazing memories that I wanted to keep.  I used a few more journaling cards from the Turquoise core kit

Front page of the insert with pictures of the Monkey and Opa.  Naturally, bags and boxes of all kinds are more fun than playing with toys.  He got such a kick out of Opa putting the bag on his head too.  It was adorable!  The 4"x4" papers are from the Studio Calico January card kit and one of their other add-on kits.  The buttons are adhesive.  I bought them at Wal-Mart.  I think they're Studio G, but I'm not sure.  I used all sorts of adhesive letters this go around.  I couldn't tell you what brands they all are.

There were two things I felt the need to document on this spread.  1) How my phone is always running out of storage space.  I have an 8G iPhone 4.  8G was more than enough with my 3GS.  Now with all the crazy, large apps, I have no room for much of anything.  I really don't have that many apps.  I have to clear out my pictures almost 2x a month.  I don't have an upgrade until June, so I have to wait it out.  2) The schedule for my last semester {hopefully} as a KSU undergrad.  It's a pretty exciting moment and I am incredibly thrilled about it!

The "yeah" tag and background paper were from the January printable collection from Studio Calico.  The brad was from one of the kits I got.  Same with the sequins at the very top insert.

I love this picture.  I found my old art box from when I was an art major a few years ago.  Micron pens are amazing.   The "CREATE" was done with adhesive letters.  "something" is my lovely handwriting.  The flower sticker is from the random collection I got at Wal-Mart.

I giggle when I see my monstrous stack of cardstock.  It was on sale at Michaels that week for $2 a pack.  So I went crazy.  Ü  The text at the bottom was sent to a friend of mine by accident.  Meant to send it to the hubs...and yeah.  Ended up blowing her a kiss instead.   The background is from one of the add-on kits from Studio Calico.  The journaling card in the middle was an attempt at actually putting together the digital printable set.  Not a huge fan of going digital with this, so I'm not sure how often I'll do that.  The top right card is on Recollections cardstock and more Studio G adheisve cardstock stickers.

These were two great quotes from The Red Headed Hostess.  I used the printable collection from Studio Calico to do this one as well.


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