{Project Life} Week 5: 01.29-02.02

Week 5 had storms.

Another Facebook insert someone posted.  Just seemed like something good to share.  We had a pretty bad tornado come through Adairsville on Wednesday.  Weekly prompt is on the bottom left.  I can't remember where the background card is from.

Poor little Bear hiding from the storm.  Hubby took this and sent it to me while I was at work.  You can barely see it, but just a little bit of her tongue is sticking out.  The journaling card is from the Project Life Turquoise core kit.  Just a few things about the tornado.

This picture cracks me up.  Hubs was messing with her and decided to bench press her.  She just let him.  The "Love" was a circle that I cut down.  It's from the printable January Studio Calico kit. The background card is from a My Mind's Eye pack.  Not sure which one.

On the second page we have more pictures of furry babies.  I cleaned up and organized my food storage under the stairs.  That was a big feat.  The background card is from the Studio Calico January card kit.  The little sticker I wrote on is from the random collection I got from Walmart.  I took the picture of Jo and I snuggling on Friday morning.  Her talons crack me up.  The Zs are currogate alphas.  They are pretty cool.

I love the picture of Bear in the middle.  She loves playing with the ball, but hasn't gotten the whole "drop" command.  She let me hold the ball to her nose for a good couple minutes before she tried to bite it out of my hand.  

I took another big step in my last undergrad semester.  Submitted my senior thesis proposal that Friday.  I'm doing it on the positive effects of counseling children of divorce.  Love my Recollections washi tape.  The background insert is from the card kit.  The tan arrow is from Project Life.

Such an amazing man.  Ü  The stickers are all from the random collection.  Now that I look at it, I made him look like he has a flower in his hair.  =P

I absolutely adore the way this card turned out!  I think the background card is from the Amy Tangerine set.  The tag is.  I added the twine to it to give it a little more personality.  It's come to be one of my favorites!


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