{Project Life} Week 7: 02.10-02.16

I'm a week behind, but I'm totally okay with that.  Last weekend I spent the weekend cleaning to get ready for our little trip.  So I spent this past weekend catching up on Week 7.  Week 8 may be a couple weeks in the making, but I'm pushing for no more than 2 weeks.  It will have quite a few inserts to help document our little trip.

I'm actually pretty proud of my layout this week.  All of it was created using the Amy Tangerine Ready, Set, Go collection which I seriously LOVE.  The only thing that is not from RSG is the "You are my fave and I love you" insert.  This was from the Studio Calico February PL kit.  They sent all the wait-listers a PDF of a few of the popular cards, which is VERY awesome of them!

 So this week was pretty basic, but there was still a lot going on.  Valentine's Day and Michael's birthday {yeah, the same day!}.  The top right card is something I made for Michael on Sunday and left taped to the garage door for him to find when he came home.  Just a little "I appreciate you" note.  Of course, I had to jazz it up.  I took pictures of the Valentine's Day card he gave me because it's a Disney card.  Hallmark and Disney came out with these beautiful cards and I plan to buy a lot of them!!  I also included a snapshot of the DVD Pitch Perfect.  I had a free code with Redbox and didn't want to waste it.  Ü

The insert on the far right is a little quote about counting blessings.  I don't remember exactly what it said, but I loved it enough to include it.

The inside of the adorable Disney card.  He knows me so well!

I included a small insert for the week.  There was a lot I wanted to include and I still wanted some fun filler inserts with the RSG collection.  The middle left insert is something I saw on Facebook and sent to Michael.  It says, "Before you see what happened upstairs...I love you."  This is totally a Bear face.  And I love it.  The bottom eCard is pretty much what our kids will be like.  

Close up of the eCard.

The back of the insert.  The top image came from an Instagram post by Paper Coterie.  Sunday night I made dog treats for the girls and for a co-worker's dog.  They LOVE them.  Took a picture of my dreaded Algebra homework as we were going over it in class.  And then my weekly prompt at the bottom.

If anyone is interested in the treats, they're the Apple-Cheddar treats.  Recipe can be found here.  They are pretty easy to make.  Most of the work is in the rolling out and cutting.  I didn't store them in my oven overnight.  Just put them in an air-tight container after they cooled.

Sunday {lots of baking on Sunday!} I made these delicious banana chocolate chip muffins with a cinnamon crumble topping.  They were delicious.  I even had a plate waiting for my parents when they came home the next day.  My dear friend Kim made a birthday cake for Michael.  She put an "R1" on the top for his bike.  She's amazing at what she does.  You can see her FB page here.  The insert on the far left is BBQ over rice and corn on the cob.  It was heavenly!

Our tongues turned black after eating the cake.  I'm surprised Michael let me take this picture.  Ü  I'm trying to take pictures of more everyday stuff.  I love my little rear-view mirror ornament.  The heart used to smell like strawberries...like 4 years ago.  I haven't found another like it, so I haven't taken it down.


  1. I LOVE your calendar with the flag behind it to mark the week! And I'm totally stealing your idea and including a "someecard" in my upcoming spreads - those are hilarious!

    1. Thanks! I wish I could claim the calendar as my idea, but I got the idea from avegasgirlatheart.com. She's fantastic!!

      I like to add funny stuff that I see on FB. Makes I more fun. 😊


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