{Project Life} Week 10: 03.03-03.09

Week 10 wasn't terrible.  I was SO excited to get my March PL kit from Studio Calico so I could start the month off right!  This week also brought a color change to my title card.  Green for March. I included an insert this week because there was just so much that inspired me.

The bottom right picture Michael took while I was passed out on the couch Thursday night.  Jo is in the crook of my knees.  You can barely see a little tuft of her hair.  And I love of Bear lays across the top of the couch.  She's just so comfortable up there.  I completely broke off my thumb nail and felt the need to add it.  Mainly to remind how annoying it is!  {And painful!}

I just love this little boy's face!!  I'm so grateful to be sent pictures.  We got a few of he and my brother in the snow.  Including a couple videos.  I really want to try and add those.  Anyway, the yellow background was part of the SC More Color Kit.  I got it to add more pop to some of my pictures.  I went ahead and cut them all into 6x4 and 3x4 so that way they're all ready for me!  The alphas are from the PL kit.

Being the owner of two furry children, I just love this quote I found on FB.  It's so true!!  The two cards are from the PL kit.  I added some washi tape from the kit to the "fave" card to give a little more color.  The ribbon on the other card is part of it, but I added the stamps from the collection that was included in the PL kit.

With all the rain and dreariness, it was so wonderful to get a picture of an almost clear sky and a sunset.  It was absolutely beautiful. 

I managed to get a lot of pictures of Bear this week.  Not really sure why there's more than Jo, but that's just how it happened.  The top one Michael took on Sunday morning.  You can see Jo's face just barely peeking out.  I love moments like those.  The middle one is of Bear on the bed.  This is a really big deal because for some reason she likes to pee on the bed.  We have no idea why.  So we rarely let her up there.  I managed to get the bottom one while I was up late studying.  I just happened look over and her face was just planted into the couch and she was sleeping.  Dog is just too goofy.

No Such Thing by John Mayer has to be one of my favorite songs when I was in high school.  So whenever I hear it, it just takes me back.  Secrets by OneRepublic is a new love for me.  I adore the opening music at the beginning of the song.  Mostly the orchestra.

I totally love these journaling cards.  They were an add-on kit this week.

The "SMILE" card in the top left corner came from the PL kit.  The 3x4 "MEMO" card explains my excitement when I got the tracking information for my first kit.  I found the graph at the bottom on FB posted by mint.com.  Figured it's pretty relevant to us so might as well include it.

Another amazing sunset.  Aren't they just glorious!

I sacrificed my points with Disney Movie Rewards an kept my tickets stubs for Oz: The Great and Powerful.  It was AMAZING!  I definitely plan to see it again.  It may be a little dark and intense for little kids, but that's just my opinion.  Can't wait for the next one...yes, there will be another!

I just love these two.  

So let me explain how excited I was that I came up with this.  Yeah,  I could have left the picture alone and not done anything, but I felt like it needed a little pizazz.  I didn't want to just stick the fabric sticker on it {from the Amy Tangerine Ready, Set, Go collection}, so I just took my 1" circle punch and knocked a hole in it.  I stuck a piece of blue textured card stock behind it and added the heart.  Yes, easy.  But man do I love it!!

That's all for this week.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts!


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