{Project Life} Week 11: 03.10-03.16

Week 11 was pretty good.  Started the week off with some good news.  Got a lot of pictures of the little monkey since my parents are visiting him.  And then ended the week with going to the temple on Friday and the 5k Foam Fest on Saturday with Michael.  It was difficult and intense, but it was a lot of fun!


Friday was such a beautiful day at the temple.  The flowers were all in full bloom and everything smelled amazing.  I got to the temple a little early so I just sat outside and breathed it all in.  Clear sky.  Not a cloud in sight.  It was a wonderful day to remember everything that I'm grateful for.  I found the "Pray" saying on Facebook.  Aside from looking amazing, it's a wonderful saying that I need to remember.

I realize that it might be a bit cruel to celebrate someone losing their job, but in all honesty, it should have been done over a year ago.  He was overbearing at times and could be the most lazy person.  I was so tired of being thrown under the bus because he didn't get his job done and I wasn't in meetings to make my voice heard.  So, I hope all the best for him, but I'm happy for me.  This only means that I'm taking on more work, but it's nothing I can't handle.

My parents headed up to see the little one on Saturday.  Which means we've gotten bombarded with pictures...and I love it!  I need to get a 5x7 insert so I can just print them off and put them all in them.  My mom sent me this after Opa wore him out.  Too much playing.  :)

We couldn't find a waterproof camera on Saturday morning, so this is the only picture we got of the two of us muddy.  I  can't wait to see the pictures that were taking by the organization on the run.  Yeah, they're going to look awesome.  Everyone got a finishing medal which I'm totally okay with.  I think sometimes, everyone should get something.  This was pretty rough in some parts, but we finished it!  And I'm proud of us.  PS - those are not clouds...it's supposed to be foam...

Up top I included a screen shot from my friend John's Instagram.  I apparently liked a bunch of his pictures in a row so he shared.  I LOVE the "Instalove" stamp from the Studio Calico Hook kit.  By far, my favorite!!  I like to take pictures of my Day-timer from time to time.  Just reminds me that I really do have stuff to do at work.  =P  And lastly, Holly's conversation with the monkey.  If you can read it, you should.  It's a good chuckle.  Oh little two-year-olds.

I love the quote on the left by President Lorenzo Snow.  It was from the lesson on Sunday (Mar. 10) in Relief Society.  It's kind of inspiring and I love it.  So I wanted to remember it.  The ribbon on the right is actually a 4x6 card that I shrunk down.  It's an invite to the Kennesaw Mountain Relief Society activity that I designed.  I love the way it turned out.  They're adorable!

Friday we took the girls to the dog park and they had so much fun.  There was a little runt of a pup with only three legs.  He was so freaking cute and Bear loved playing with him.  It was such a wonderful day for it!

Lastly, sunset while heading out to dinner on Friday night.  It was a wonderful, full day and this sky was just the perfect reminder of it!

That's all for this week.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts!


  1. Terrific layout. I like a lot of pictures

  2. Cute layout, love the hot air balloon, need to use that stamp myself. Love the prayer card too and will be adding that to my page. Nicely done

    1. Thanks Tina! If you give me your email address, I'll send the prayer one to you.

  3. Nice layouts. And it looks like a nice week.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster award; details are on my blog today.


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