{Project Life} Week 9: 02.24-03.02

Good morning folks...

So I'm still missing week 8.  Haven't had a chance yet to pick the pictures I like most to add.  There's some 200 or so.  Yeah, I take a lot of pictures.  Here's week 9.  It was a pretty good week overall that ended with a trip to the temple Friday night.  Such a beautiful place and a great date night. Ü  Most of the elements used are from the Here & There Studio Calico collection.  You can check out all of the pieces to the collection here.  Some of the circle punches are from other Studio Calico digital kits, but I couldn't tell you which ones as I don't keep them all separated out.

I used a 3x4 journaling card to document our experience and my feelings about the temple.  It's just such a heavenly and enriching place to be in.  I love the feeling I have when I'm there.  I also included an email from one of the District Managers in the company that I just love.  I had to order a bunch of stuff for one of his stores and got him a free camo mag light.  He sent me an awesome email about how finding a good flashlight is like finding a good pen.  He cracks me up.

I was so glad to have come out of the temple at night.  I just love when it's all lit up.  Michael and I got some really beautiful pictures.  And it was such a nice night.  I could have just sat there for hours just basking in it's ethereal beauty.

Lean Cuisine now makes a line of salad additions.  It has all the things you need to dress up lettuce.  I love salad, but I often get stuck making the same one over and over again.  And I really don't think about it far enough in advance to cook chicken before hand.  These are really quite perfect.  I'm not a huge fan of Lean Cuisine, but I thought I'd give these a try.  I love the Bistro chicken and Southwest chicken ones.  It's also perfect for me to get it all ready before going to class and throwing it together before I go into my 2 1/2 hour class.  Keeps me eating healthy and from spending money on an overpriced salad in the cafe in the Social Science building.  If you click the Lean Cuisine link above, you can print off a couple coupons and try them.  I highly recommend adding cheese {I love cheese}.  I even added chunked avocado to the Southwest chicken.  Just gave it an extra delicious kick.

And so it begins.  I printed off about 18 articles for my senior thesis and now I really need to buckle down and get started.  I have less than two months to get the paper written and work on my presentation.  The semester is half over so this is really a procrastinated start right now.  :(  Not the best thing to do in your last semester.

The 3x4 to the far right are some interesting plants we saw on the temple grounds.  We think they're some kind of leafy, lettuce plant.  The pink and purple one looked really beautiful.  Just had to take some pictures.  The bottom right 6x4 is my weekly prompt.  I actually decided this will be last week doing them.  I haven't been feeling them so much anymore and I don't feel like my responses are insightful enough to care 5, 10 years down the road.

I got the idea of making a 6x4 picture a collage from another PLer.  I can't remember who it was, otherwise I'd give them credit.  Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures of Bear and Michael on evening and had to include them.  She's such a baby, even though she's 30 lbs of dog.  I love the two larger pictures.  She just has such a special light in her.  Like she's a furry person.  Ü  She's definitely loved, that's for sure!

There's another picture of the temple and my dear little Jolie all wrapped up.  I also included the Week 1 results to the health challenge Michael and I are doing.  We've been doing really good on the points, not so good with the weight loss.  We just haven't been working out as vigorously as we did last year.  Hopefully we can get our butts in gear this week.  The "In a Fairytale" card was from K&Company's Punch Out pad from the Smash collection.  It's cute and fan and a good filler.

I kept seeing these post it notes up in the Social Science building and someone finally told me why.  I thought they were fun so I took a few snapshots when people weren't looking.  Didn't want anyone to think I was weird or anything... =P

That's all for this week.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts!


  1. Cool pages! Love the before and after for the food prep that is a fun idea. Oh new follower now, I'll be checking out more for PL inspiration. TFS

    1. Oh thanks!! Glad you enjoyed it. I have week 10 coming up soon.


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