"I wish to share with you those truths which are the most worth knowing..."

"...Those who do not marry or those who cannot have children are not excluded from the eternal blessings they seek but which, for now, remain beyond their reach. We do not always know how or when blessings will present themselves, but the promise of eternal increase will not be denied any faithful individual who makes and keeps sacred covenants.

Your secret yearnings and tearful pleadings will touch the heart of both the Father and the Son. You will be given a personal assurance from Them that your life will be full and that no blessing that is essential will be lost to you."  The Witness, President Boyd K. Packard (April 2014 General Conference)

What an incredible talk.  I feel like he always knows what needs to be said.  It was amazing hearing this talk after have spent the two weekends prior in the hospital.  Divinely inspired, in my opinion.

I realized today that I haven't updated in quite awhile.  While I was in the hospital I started a blog about everything that had happened after surgery.  I decided against posting it because I really didn't want to dwell on everything that happened.  The basic gist is that my surgery did not go as planned and I ended up in the hospital longer than planned and at home recovering much longer than planned.  They were unable to remove my fallopian tubes due to further complications.  That's it in a nut shell.  I started back at work this past Monday after six weeks off.  As excited as I always am for time off, I was ready to get back to my daily routine.  And paycheck!

So, as I have been asked several times, what now?  Well, nothing more than what we originally intended.  I do not plan on having more surgery.  Apparently my tubes are supposed to remain inside of me for a reason.  So there they will stay.  I don't plan to step foot in another OR as long as I can help it.  We are proceeding with our adoption course.  I had plans to work on the online classes during my time off, but being lazy and laying around the couch seemed much more fitting and I did not get much done.  I also recently had an amazing pep talk with a professor whom I respect and admire so much that basically reaffirmed our decision to proceed with adoption.  And in case I didn't get it the first couple times, while in the temple last week with Michael I kept a prayer in my heart of what to do next.  I have been debating between proceeding with adoption and trying to figure out how to get back to school to get my Masters.  I feel very strongly that adoption is the right track we need to be on.  It may delay my career goals, but becoming a mother means so much more to me than any career will.

We have had so much support over the last several months.  And that did not let up over the last six weeks.  There is no shadow of a doubt in my heart that Heavenly Father put us on this path for a reason.  I feel like I have a new flame burning inside of me as this yearning to become a mother shows more and more.  Don't get me wrong, I still have my moments.  Birth announcements are still so bitter sweet and when I see a baby, I just want to grab and run.  {Hide your BABIES!}  ;-)  I just know that there really is a reason for everything.  And I have faith in my Heavenly Father that he will get us through it.

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  1. hugs Nubia! I'm glad you are doing well now.

  2. "I'll give you all this, nothing, and more." Those are the words that I heard that convinced me adoption was the right path for us. It's part of a song that you will totally judge me for. I actually didn't like the song until one night the lyrics just touched me. Then, I went home and told Bob that I thought we should look into adoption again, he agreed, and we never turned back.


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