And Away We Go...

It's been a few months since my last post and since I haven't been too shy about sharing our adoption course on FB, I figured I'd provide an update here as well along with our future plans.

On Friday, July 18th we officially finished all of our required adoption classes.  We sent in the certificates on the following Monday and scheduled our joint interview on Wednesday, July 30th.  For those of you that really know us, you would recognize that date as our anniversary.  I couldn't imagine spending part of our day any other way and our case worker was surprised by our dedication.  We wanted the earliest date we could get so we could get the ball moving.  Unfortunately, on Friday the 25th, we found out that our previous case workers never sent us the full home study packet so we were missing a lot.  Thankfully, K {our case worker} said we could start working on most of it and all she needed was our self studies for the interview process.  We thought, "Oh, we can get that done!"  Yeah, it was pretty intense.  It took me three hours to complete and poor Michael had to get up a few hours early for work on Monday to work on it.  Then he took a partial so he could come home and finish it in time for our interview on Wednesday.  I guess time was in our favor because we completed them and got them in. 

The joint interview went very well.  I really like K.  She's about our age so I feel like she really understands my sarcasm and I'm hoping that doesn't hurt us.  The questions were pretty easy for the most part, but we did have a couple doozies.  I'm kind of nervous about the individual interview questions because they will be more geared to our childhood and we will be by ourselves.  Those are scheduled for the 12th. 

We're still making progress on the paperwork.  We have to figure out if the physicals we did in the last few months will suffice or if we have to do another {and pay out of pocket :( }.  We've registered for our GBI background checks which we are getting done on Tuesday and we're working on the our FBI paperwork.  We haven't scheduled our home visit yet.  We're holding off until we have a better idea of when everything is scheduled.  For now, we're just trying to take it one chunk at a time. 

We're so excited to be making progress!  We really can't wait until the paperwork is all done and the REAL waiting begins!  Ü  As we are going through this, the costs are already adding up!  We are trying to put some fundraising ideas together to get some money rolling in.  For right now, if you like coffee, you can order through this awesome website Just Love Coffee and part of the proceeds of each order will be sent to us.  It's a pretty cool idea and although we don't drink coffee, we definitely don't mind others drinking it for our cause!  If you'd like to donate, but don't drink coffee, we should have a donate site up soon. 

We are so blessed to be heading down this path.  We truly believe this is the path Heavenly Father wants us on and we have been inundated with prayers of comfort and support.  There's no doubt we were led here and that there is a special child out there waiting for us.  Thank you for your continued love and support!  We love you all!


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