New Year, New Beginning

Every year I would write up an end of the year post.  How things went, things I wanted to focus on, etc.  I don't particularly like making resolutions so I don't.  I just try to remember things to better myself.  This last year has been a crazy one.  We have had a lot of ups and downs.  So let's recap, shall we?

We opened the year with a bang!  Literally.  A loud pop and a rush of water coming from our closet door.  The elbow joint on our line to the washing machine cracked and water went into the garage and into the foyer.  It was stressful and cold and just an all around pain in the butt.  But it was a blessing in disguise.  We did the work ourselves and were able to put that money saved into other things.  It also taught us to rely on others when we can't always rely on ourselves.

I spent a week in Guatemala getting an orphanage ready to go through inspections.  It was such an amazing and rewarding trip and I was so happy to have experienced that with my parents.  It was the longest Michael and I have spent apart and the longest we had gone without speaking, but it's an experience I'll cherish.

I had my surgery...and we all know how that went.  Let's just say that March could suck it.

Because of my surgery, April wasn't too exciting.  It was kind of great getting 6 weeks off from work especially when I could actually drive myself around again.  April was a pretty tough month for me spiritually and emotionally as we were really trying to figure out what next.  I mean, for everything.  Not just family.  After a lot of prayer and discussion, we decided I'd put the next phase of my education on hold and we'd pursue adoption full force.  At the same time, we were assigned a new case worker who was amazing!  It couldn't have been better timing!

We traveled to Illinois to watch my big brother graduate Law school.  It was so awesome and I was so touched to have been there for it!  We also took the opportunity to visit Nauvoo which was incredible.  I was released as a teacher in Relief Society and asked to be the new Primary secretary.  It was a crazy switch but I was very excited to do something new.

I honestly don't recall anything of importance happening in June.

Several things happened in July.  We celebrated my birthday and another brother's wedding which we got to attend in NC.  We also celebrated our 3rd anniversary.  It's weird to think it's only been three years. Through all of this struggle, I feel like it's aged our relationship so much more!  We spent our anniversary fighting Atlanta traffic to do our joint interviews for our adoption.  I couldn't have imagined a better way to spend our day!

More interviews and our home study.  What a roller coaster it all was.

We held our first fundraiser: a yard sale.  Looking back, I would never do that first again.  It totally burned us out...quick!

Honestly, not a lot occurred the last three months.  We have spent more time with friends and trying to enjoy the time that we have right now to do that.  It's been such a blessing having amazing people in our lives to help keep us going.  It definitely hasn't been an easy year, but they've made this last little bit incredible!

So what do we have to look forward to for next year?  Well, hopefully a kid!  We'll keep our fingers crossed.  :)  We're really not sure.  Michael is planning a guys' camp out in the spring which I'm pretty excited he's doing.  We're also planning a beach trip July with friends.  The last couple years we had been talking about a trip to Italy in the fall.  I would LOVE to still do that, but considering the financial strains we have of procuring a child, that may come later.  Overall, we're just trying to keep up the positive morale.

I haven't really posted a lot lately because I still struggle {almost daily} with bitterness towards the situation.  Unfortunately it isn't going to go away, but I'm trying to help keep it under control.  It's really easy to look up and scream, "Why me?!"  I just had to remember that this is such a small part of life and that everything happens for a reason.  I whole-heartedly agree with that!  It doesn't mean that my faith wavers from time to time.  It just means that I have to get through and become a stronger person for it.

I am so grateful for an incredible husband.  Through all of this, he has been such a rock!  He's been my support and my shoulder.  He grounds me to help keep things in perspective.  He's truly the best part of me.  I am so grateful for wonderful parents that are always there for me whenever I need them.  Through the spring, they were incredible!  And every now and then my mother does something new that makes me so proud to be her daughter.  I am so so grateful for remarkable friends.  Friends of our faith and friends that aren't.  It's amazing to have people in your life that understand your values and beliefs and love you for them.  Friends that respect us enough to not try to get us to do things against those beliefs.  Just more people who love us.  We are so blessed with love all around us!

This last year was a bit of a crap the middle there.  But I'm actually pretty excited for this next year.  I feel like it would be a really great one!!  So happy new year everyone!  Good luck with all your future endeavors!!


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