We're Live!

About a month ago LDS Family Services announced it's partnering with Adoption.com, a website used by many prospective birth parents and adopting families.  They're fees, like many adoption advertising websites, are pretty high for a middle income couple.  The partnership would provide free services to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This was a huge announcement and I may have cried a few tears over it.  To give you an idea, they're basic profile costs $200 per month.  Yes, that is per month.  Multiply that by a year.  We're definitely not poor, but we are in no way right.  That's like having a car payment.  We're already trying to save up for the adoption itself.  $2,400 wasn't an amount we were ready to pay.

When you choose not do a private adoption and only rely on word of mouth, it makes advertising for a low cost practically non-existent.  After our profile on It's About Love (the church's website that has now been taken down) was live for about three months with no bites, we started to really reevaluate how much we wanted to be seen.  We decided that if after 6 months no one had contacted us, we would consider going with our agency that completed our home study.  We were pretty set in that decision.  It's funny to me that just two months after that conversation, this partnership happens.  It couldn't have been a better answer to our prayers.  It refilled us with a hope that we were slowly beginning to lose.  Now, we just need to hang on!

It took almost a month to get everything approved and checked over, but we are finally live!  Our profile can be seen here.  Please feel free to share with friends, family, co-workers, whatever.  In all of the stories I have heard about how couples are found for private adoptions, it is definitely by our friends and family that we get the most exposure.

We love you all.  We are so appreciative of your support and love as we proceed down this road.  Hopefully, we'll have good news to share this year!


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