I am a child of God

In my attempt to restart my blog, I wanted to do something different. Over the course of the year I want to share my religion and testimony each Sunday. I’m hoping this not only gives those curious a more in depth look into my religion, but also a more intimate look into our family and how we worship. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am always open to conversations regarding other faiths, but this will not be a platform to bash or dissuade others.  

1. What religion do you believe in?
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are often referred to as Mormon or LDS. We are a Christian denomination. 

2. Do you believe in God or another deity?
Yes, we believe in God as our eternal father. We believe Christ is his son who was born of Mary. And we believe in the Holy Ghost who can be a constant companion to us if we provide the a positive environment for it to thrive. 

3. When did you choose your faith?
My mom is Mormon so I was raised in the church. I was baptized at 8 as many children are, but I believe my true conversion was when I was 24. I went to BYU for a year after high school and didn’t do well spiritually so I came home. I towed the line for several years but I always felt strongly about the church and knew it was where I wanted my kids to be raised. I ended up in a relationship with some opposition on that and after time realized it was not where I should be. Eventually (after about 5 years) I made it back to church. I may not be as strong sometimes, but I do believe I am on the right path and I constantly feel that positive influence needed to make the choices I need to. 

4. What is your idea of what God looks like?
I imagine God a lot like I imagine characters in a book. Their basic essence is there, but their actual body is a blur. God is loving. God is warm. He is all-knowing. He can make miracles happen. He also hears us and answers our prayers. It may not be how we imagine they’d be answered, but they do get answered in His way and in His time. 

5. Is there a heaven?
Absolutely. The thought of us being born, living, and then dying is just sad to me. We do believe there is so much more beyond life here. We also believe families can be bonded together beyond life on earth. Death will not separate us from our loved ones. And that is what brings many members comfort when they lose a loved one. 


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