An opportunity presents itself

This is a post I made on my Facebook page in July of last year (2017).  Since posting it, my largest check has been just under $500.  My smallest has also been about $30.  As I'm still in the beginning stages, I haven't built up a solid foundation yet.  But I will get there.

I want to share this with anyone that is in need of something more.  Anyone that is in need of better health and wellness.  Or if you are looking for a new passion or a way to earn a little bit extra for whatever needs you may have.  I have seen where this opportunity can take people.  I have seen how it's blessed people's lives.  I have heard countless stories of people that would say they weren't doing the business and then saw how much it blessed them to share this with others.  For some, this may only be a business opportunity.  But I think for many, it's a passion to share with others.  I want to show my daughter what it's like to achieve dreams and turn around and help others with that abundance.  That is my dream for her.


Six months ago I was jobless. I had worked full time for the last 13 years so finding myself let go and with no prospects was incredibly discouraging for me. I had no idea what to do. Do I go back to school? Do I find something in the same field? Do I just find something better paying with no experience in that field? We now had a little one at home. And as many of you know, Michael has been at home on long-term disability for a neurological condition. The only way we were able to keep making bill payments was because he was still getting a check. That was going to end in July. So I had to keep that in mind. It was a pretty terrifying time.

At the same time, I was starting to use Young Living essential oils a lot more. My mom had bought us a kit last year and we were enjoying the occasional use. But I was starting to research more (and listen to mom more!) and learned there were so many health benefits to different oils. I was determined to not need a doctor anymore, if I could help it. I also learned I could make a very good living by selling for a company I was finding more and more passion in. Michael was on board having seen the excitement it brought me and his support was all I needed to start on this venture. I'm not making crazy commission checks yet. To be honest, my highest check so far was $230, but I am still so young in this business. My goal? To be able to stay home with my family. To take the financial burden out of our daily lives. To be able to go on adventures and raise our Tiny Human rich with culture. To be able to give more than we need to live on. That's not too much to ask for, right?
😝😝 I know with Young Living, my hustle, and my amazing supportive upline all of that can be accomplished.

I know I post about oils a lot. Thanks for bearing with me on that!! I don't often talk about the business side but thought I'd put it out here today, because I seriously LOVE it (and the commission check is just a part of what I love). If ever you want to talk Young Living products (oils, toxic-free cleaning, supplements, personal care items, even mineral makeup now), you know I'm your gal, right? And, if you ever want to talk about how the business side of this works, I hope you know that I'd love to chat about that, too (no pressure, since that causes awkwardness and no one got time for that).

Now, let's take a moment to awe over Tiny Human and how fun she is. She is truly the best blessing in my life.
PS - Here's the 2016 YL income disclosure statement for your viewing pleasure.


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