Zombie Apocalypse

Every one is talking about the zombie apocalypse and with news cropping out of Florida about people eating other peoples' faces off, I do wonder...if it were real, am I ready?

Okay, I don't actually think about the zombie apocalypse.  Let's face it.  I can't even watch Walking Dead without getting squeamish. But with all the talk, it takes me back to assignment that I had in my Communications class last spring.  We had just discussed the importance of...can you guess?...communication.  We were supposed to watch Cast Away but instead watched part of the original Omega Man with Charlton Heston.  {Actually a pretty funny movie, if you ask me.}

The assignment was simple.  We were asked questions about who we would want with us if there was an actual zombie apocalypse.  Basically, who would you want to communicate with.  Here's my paper.  Complete with an awesome prop.

Our Thoughts about Cast Away
Zombie Bunker

1.)        When the Zombie Apocalypse comes, who do you want in your bunker? 
A)  “Real” (If you don’t want to play along, imagine a serious natural disaster like the Haiti earthquake.)  Who would you want to accompany you?  And WHY?  Why not someone else? (Try to narrow it down to as few people as possible, but I'm not going to ask you to leave a parent or child outside for the brain-eaters.)
          My mom would have to be my first choice.  She’s my best friend and I love to talk to her.  Plus she’s a good cook and eating is pretty important (food, not each other).  If I bring her I’d have to bring my dad.  He’s pretty awesome and they are too cute to keep apart.  But then if I bring my dad I have to bring my grandpa.  He has Alzheimer’s so we take care of him.  It would be completely uncool (and  kind of wrong) to leave him for the zombies.  He’s a WWII vet, so I’m pretty sure if we strapped a gun to him, he would still know how to use it.  I would want to bring my siblings and my nephew.  And I can’t forget about my fiancé or my dog (not for food source).  So I guess my whole family would be there.  We already do a lot together so why not drag them along?  There’s really no one else that I’d want to be stuck in bunker with other than them…and of course my awesome Communications professor since he gave me an A in the class.  Ü

B)  “Imagined” This could be a real person, a fictional character, a person from history.  Who? And Why? (ONE person only, please)
          This one was kind of tough, but I narrowed it down to one person.  Doc Brown.  Now, I know you’re probably thinking “Gee, Nubia.  Why Doc Brown?”  Well, I’ll tell you why.  Hello, DELORIAN!  He may be crazy and scatter-brained, but we could totally use that fancy-schmancy Delorian of his to get us the heck out of this Zombie Apocalypse.  And of course it would have to be the Delorian from Back to the Future II, not the one that runs on plutonium.  But all that aside, I have to believe he’d be a pretty fun guy to be stuck fighting off zombies with.  I’m sure he’d make one heck of a zombie blaster ray gun (see image below), or something to that effect.
2.)        What is the significance of effective communication in each of your decisions?
A)  “Real” person(s)
        My family is probably the only people in the world who really get me.  They understand my moods and who I am.  While we do bicker like most families, we at least know how to communicate effectively to get our points/wants/desires across.  I wouldn’t want to be stuck with my birth-dad’s family who only speaks Spanish.  There wouldn’t be much communicating going on and then I’d have to resort to talking to the dog. (Then again, better than a bust of Caesar.  At least the dog would respond…kind of.)

B)  “Imagined” person
        I am not entirely sure I picked Doc Brown based on “effective communication,” BUT I’m sure he would be interesting to talk to.  He’s pretty dang smart and Marty seems to get along with him.  I mean, I might stay sane for something like a week.  After that, I might have to steal his zombie blaster ray gun and kick him out to the zombies.  Then again, that might not be a good idea.  Then he’d be fighting on the dark side…where they have cookies.

3)         Why do YOU think we should study human communication?
                I think we should study human communications to fully understand the need and importance of being able to interact with other people.  I believe that communication is something that every human being needs in order to fully develop into a “normal” human being in our society.  People need to connect with other people and I think the most important way is through communicating.  This could be verbally or through gestures.  This goes back to the caveman days when they communicated through grunts or present with sign language.  It is those people that refuse to communicate in one form or another that become outsiders of our society and eventually lack that human bond or connection that everyone strives to have, consciously or subconsciously.