Five Question Friday! {7 Sept}

Oh joy!  It's THAT day again.  I almost dread Fridays a little more right now because I have two classes and don't get home until after 4.  But I only work for a couple hours so that's a plus.  On this weekend's agenda: cleaning, studying {I actually need to get to this one this weekend.}, need to finish some projects {i.e., organizing the office and finishing the garage...oh, and my mom's panel from Christmas!}.  I really need  to get my butt in gear with these classes.  They are all pretty demanding for work outside of class and that's so hard for me when I just want to snuggle with the hubz and watch movies.

five. question. friday.

1. What is your favorite fall family tradition?

Oh that's SO easy.  Watching movies outside.  My parents have a pretty amazing deck {mainly because my dad and I built it!} that we can lounge around on.  We set up a sheet on the canopy that covers the hot tub and set up a laptop with the projector.  It's especially fun when it's cold enough to get all bundled up and start a fire.  Not very fun in the summer when it's hot out.  Plus you have to wait until after 9 pm until it even begins to get darker.

It's a lot larger than it seems.  The room at the top of the picture was the original deck {actually, it was originally a cement slab}, but mom wanted to close it in to make an office.  The little hut-looking thing to the left is the hot tub/canopy.  The guy is my dad.  Hi, old man!

I'll definitely get a picture of all of us during a movie night!

2. If money weren't an issue, how many kids would you have?

The hubby already knows this answer.  I'd love to have 10.  Five naturally and five adopted.  I do want out own kids, but I also want to adopt.  There's so many kids out there that need a good, loving family/home.  I would love to give kids that.

3. If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it?

Well, I already have two.  I have two swans on my shoulder {can't remember which one 'cuz I don't see it!} that my sister designed.  One of them was my first.  I added the second one later.  The other tattoo is on my neck.  It's a crab {for cancer} with a sideways 69 for the body.  I designed I'm partial to it being awesome.

4. What condiment is a must in your house?

For me, mustard or ranch.  My husband, honey mustard...and ranch actually.  He dips everything.  And I've kind of picked up on that.

5. How did your spouse propose?

Oh is that a story. And I've already posted it before.  You can find the entire story here, but in a nutshell, he proposed at Temple Square in Salt Lake City last April when the sun was setting.  It was absolutely beautiful and breathtaking and I actually called him a jerk when I found him on one knee.  I was surprised, but at the same time hoping it was going to happen then.  It's a pretty cute story, so you should go read


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  1. I agree that if money were not an issue I would have adopted children however since my kids had so many friends I am know as Mom to the kids in the neighbourhood. Some of them still come looking for kool-aid and cookies and they are in their thirties.

    1. Yeah, I'm the same way with my "moms" from back in high school in marching band.

  2. Those movie nights sound awesome!

    And, yeah, I've got a lot of school work to tackle this weekend, too. (Though, as you might've noticed, I'm reading blogs instead!)


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