{Project Life} Week 6: 02.03-02.09

I'll warn you, there's a lot of pictures in this week!  This week comes with a color change!  I decided to make each month a different set of colors that coordinate with that month's divider tab.  The February one can be seen in the Week 5 spread.  Again, I used the 3"x4" journaling cards from the Project Life Turquoise core kit and cut the pennants.  I designed the calendars and printed them on gray cardstock.  The numbers were printed from my Cricut onto the textured cardstock that matched the Turquoise kit.  The idea came from A Vegas Girl at Heart.

Weekly prompt is written on a Turquoise core kit card.  I used one of the date stamps I have to add the date I wrote it.

Can I just say, I crack myself up.  =P  I went to a Super Bowl part on Sunday and Denise {the lovely hostess} made some awesome 'stache lollipops.  I had to pose.  The bubble letters are from Pebbles, Inc.

Picture of new friends and one old.  I've known Chris since I was a kid.  His wife, Denise, is the complete opposite of him and absolutely hilarious!  {She's on the right.}  They have an adorable daughter that is the perfect mix of the two of them.  Danielle is a new, awesome friend on the left.  I am seriously jealous of her hair.  It has purple in it!!

Walt Disney quote with some washi tape from My Mind's Eye to add a little more coordination.  Michael surprised me with two chains last week.  I broke my second one around New Years so I've been feeling so naked!!  Love the little boxes they came in.

Yes, I took a picture of orange juice.  What? =P  I was fighting illness Monday and Tuesday so I needed all the vitamin C I could retain.  This is the first time I've tried the ones with other fruits.  Pretty delicious.  My  taste buds were happy.  I did my weekly prompt on a small journaling card from the Turquoise core kit.  Add a little soft camera sticker from Amy Tangerine. 

Friday morning it was dreadful and foggy.  Actually...all week was foggy!  Then Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful.  And 27* when we went for our jog with Bear on the Silver Comet Trail.  I took this picture after we had finished.  We'll get to the jalapenos in a minute...

I designed this pretty quick and I love it!  The stamp is from Studio G.  The rhinestones and foam hearts were from the $1 bins at Target.  Love that store!!  The paper is from one of the Studio Calico January add-on kits.

Yeah, I had to add a spread of lazy dogs.  Because they're adorable when they're sleeping.  The kraft paper tag is from Target from their $1 bin.

Ahhh...Bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed jalapenos.  Yeah.  These are amazing.  I made them for the Super Bowl party and they were a hit.  Such a man-food.  The yellow tag is actually washi tape from My Mind's Eye. 


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