{Project Life} Week 14: 03.31-04.06

Welcome to my Project Life update!  If you are new to Brighter Horizons, hello and kick back, stay awhile!  I'm Nubia - I'm a fairly newlywed {a year and a half} and doing what I can to try to document my wonderful life with my husband and sharing our experiences in the process.  If you want to check out PL from my beginning, click here.  There are also some other links in that blog that describe what this is all about.  It's something that I love and that I'm absolutely passionate about!  Happy reading!!

Week 14.  The Color Run!!  Not much else happened this week.  Busy, busy, busy at work and with studying and getting presentations for school.  Other than that...Color Run!  This spread included an insert that was all about the Color Run.  I also started using the April Studio Calico Spencer's PL Kit.  It's gorgeous and colorful and I love it.  I have used most of the March kit, so I may be using a few cards here and there from that.  I also purchase the digital cut files to cut out with my Cricut for a few extra embellishments and I get the "more color" card stock pages to coordinate colors better.  I also started using some stickers from the Simple Stories SN@P collection.  I can not put into words how much I love this collection.  The colors are beautiful and the design of the stickers are amazing.  I'm so glad I bought a bunch of stuff from them.  I may buy extras in case the collection ever goes away.

So, I have to add...I like that I created the weekly title cards at the beginning of the year.  Although I haven't been using the Becky Higgins Turquoise kit much in the last couple months {I actually just went through it and sold off what I had left...over 70% of the kit!}, it's been a fun challenge to try to coordinate the colors of the weekly title cards with that week's spread.  Anyway...

I am very excited about my doggie treat cookie cards that I ordered from Amazon.  Yes, I am that dog owner.  Anyway, had to take a picture and send them to my co-worker since she's about the same as me.  I'm way hyped about making more treats for the furry kids.  The background card to the right is from the April PL kit.  It looks like cork board and I love it.  The ampersands are from the digital kit and the the file sticker is from the SN@P collection.  The "truth" is made from alpha stickers from a collection that is now lost from my mind.

This 4x6 is from the March PL kit.  I love this picture because it is totally Jolie.  She's a little goober.  The date stamp at the bottom is from Amy Tangerine.

Top two 3x4 cards and the mustard yellow 4x6 are from the April PL kit.  The star at the top is from the digital file.  I love talking pictures of Bear sleeping.  She just looks so quiet and peaceful and nothing like her normal personality.  =P

Gorgeous card from the April PL kit.  The embellishments from the digital file.

This begins the Color Run insert...love.  I tried to make it as colorful as possible!

Top photo is our "before" pic.  Clean and white.  The star tag is from the digital file.  Two 3x4 are of my girl Sara who got nailed in the eye with blue powder {it was colored corn starch} and my hubby after going through the orange.  The little tags on those are from a printable set from Studio Calico, but I don't remember which one.

This might be my favorite card...ever.  I decided to include my running bracelet from the run.  The "live life in full color" and "details" embellishments are stickers from the SN@P collection.  Like I said...I love how colorful these are.  The washi tape is from the Smash collection by K&G Company.


This is the back of the Color Run insert.  The "Live a colorful life" journaling card from the April PL kit is PERFECT.  I added the "rate the day" stamp from the kit...or the extra stamp kit from Studio Calico.  Don't quite remember.

Michael and I after the run.  The green tag was from the digital file and the "*heart* this" stamp is from one of the Studio Calico stamp kits.  Poor Michael got nailed with a packet of pink powder all over his face.  It was even behind his sunglasses.  Even after scrubbing...his face had a slight pink tint to it.

 Below is our after picture.  All colored up!  I love it.  Washi tape is from Smash and the "win" button is from a Studio Calico kit. 

There was a lot of randomness included on this side.  Mostly just to take up some space.


This card is adorable.  I created it using the coordinating card stock colors and the digital embellishments.  I just wanted it to be simple and colorful. 

My hubby and I before the run.  The heart is a die cut from the digital file.  I don't remember what the stamp says that is on it.  The green ribbon card is from the April PL kit.  I added the "Forever in love" and the heart stamps.  All the letters are from various alpha kits.

I leave the couch for two seconds and this little goob steals my spot.  Move your feet, lose your seat...she's so dang loveable though! 

Took this picture while working on a presentation for my senior seminar class.  I did 100% of the power point and research and my partner contributed only what he came up with to say about his slides.  A little peeved is an understatement.  I was so angry about it and debated on notifying my teacher about it.  I decided not to and just get the best grade I could.  Anyway, I love how the girls get all cuddly.  It makes long nights like this a little better.  The grid bubble and "real life" sticker are from the SN@P collection.

And finally had to include texts from my cousin's wife.  She April Fool's day-ed me...except it wasn't on April Fool's.  I didn't think about it at all because her story seemed legit.  Definitely needed to be included in the book for later posterity to know.  Ü

That's all for Week 14.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts! 


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