{Project Life} Week 8: 02.17-02.23

Welcome to my Project Life update!  If you are new to Brighter Horizons, hello and kick back, stay awhile!  I'm Nubia - I'm a fairly newlywed {a year and a half} and doing what I can to try to document my wonderful life with my husband and sharing our experiences in the process.  If you want to check out PL from my beginning, click here.  There are also some other links in that blog that describe what this is all about.  It's something that I love and that I'm absolutely passionate about!  Happy reading!!
 So I finally got our little mini-vacation into the binder.  Be warned, this is photo heavy!  I included two additional inserts.  It was really hard to cut out so many beautiful pictures.  I may just print them and add another insert of just photos to pull out and look at.  Hmm...sounds like an idea! Ü  Really, this layout is just the three days we were on vacation, but I'm okay with that.  I found some cute camping/outdoor stickers at Joann's, but I forgot what the brand was.  That's where the "Our Road Trip" sticker came from.

My Project Life subscription from Studio Calico didn't start until March, but the February kit had so many great cards that I loved.  I ended up buying a partial set on eBay and luckily it had all the cards I wanted.  Soooo happy.  I have been holding off using it until I got this spread completed.  Now I can start mixing it into newer spreads.

This card didn't end up as great as I had hoped, but I still love it.  The background card is from the February Project Life kit from Studio Calico, Front Row.  The stamp didn't turn out so well, but that's a little camera in the middle.  It came from the Take Note stamps set from this month.  The "Going places" is a sticker from the random sticker set.

Helen, GA is such a great little town.  There is some great food and beautiful scenery.  There's not a whole lot to do there.  We had some time before our check in at our B&B so we stopped for lunch and to just walk around.  I love the "Old Heidelberg" restaurant and I was SO sad it wasn't opened.  We spent 3 years in Heidelberg, Germany so this place brought back some memories.  I don't remember what brand the sticker came from.  I wrote in "childhood".  There's this adorable little waterfall right off of the main road.  I love the sign in front.  The "oh so Lovely" is from the digital printable set from the April kit.  The "Take Note" journaling card is from the February PL kit.

Wonderful picture of us.  Ü  There is a little gazebo just above the Alana Falls sign where we took this.  The "Smile" and little heart are from the SN@P collection.

The front porch of the B&B had these gorgeous wind chimes that I absolutely loved.  Made our first night {which was windy} a little rough, but still pretty.  The middle 4x6 was the view of the mountains from the porch.  I could seriously live here forever.  It's just surreal.  The bottom vertical 4x6 is a shot I managed to get while driving of the sun setting behind mountains on the lake.  I just turned out amazing!

I love this text message I sent from the bathroom at the B&B.  It was really nice not having signal because it made us feel secluded and we wouldn't be bothered.  But having wifi was perfect so we could still watch Netflix and Hulu while laying in bed.  I thought texting Michael from the bathroom just made it that much funnier.  The two 3x4 cards are from the February PL kit.  The "you + me" stamp is from the Take Note stamp set from Studio Calico this month.  The "Just laugh @ it" is a sticker from SN@P.

Henson Cove B&B was amazing.  There are really not enough good things that I can say about it.  I ended up writing a review on Trip Advisor about our wonderful experience.  The owners are delightful and so great to just talk to.  The breakfasts are absolutely delicious!  The place is basically a house that someone before them turned into a B&B so everything feels right at home!  We loved being there and we can't wait to go back.  We ended up being the only people staying in the main house so it was cool having it all to ourselves!!  Definitely a nice little get away spot.

Here's a nice little snapshot of some of the embellishments that I used.  The smiley is a tag from the April digital file.  All of the other stickers seen are from the SN@P collection.

I decided to add little journaling cards for each day.  This one is from the February PL kit.  The pitcher and flowers were at our table for breakfast.  AMAZING BREAKFAST!!  We decided to take a hike to High Shoals Falls.  It was like a 2 mile hike {-ish} but the kicker...it had snowed the night before.  The bottom horizontal 4x6 is the view of the mountains after the snow.  It definitely made the hike interesting {and cold} but it was still beautiful.  By the time we were heading back out of the trail, most of the snow had melted.  We're really glad we decided to take Michael's car instead of mine because there is NO way we would have made it up the mountain!

I love these little stickers from the random collection I purchased at Joann's.  They're all three dimensional and so cute!

So this is a gourmet breakfast.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was heavenly!!  I had to take pictures of them.  Sadly, the pancake deflated within a few minutes and ended up half this size.  :(  The stickers I used are from the SN@P collection.  I really love the "details" stickers.

Top right 4x4 is Michael and I at the falls.  It was so pretty.  If the observation deck wasn't wet, I would have just sat there and listened to the falls.  All the stickers used are from the SN@P collection.

Just as the tag says, Michael defaced property at the falls to inscribe our love forever.  I *heart* that man.

Another beautiful shot of the mountains.  I really can't get enough of this. 

This check-in cracks me up.  It's no secret that Michael and I are like an old married couple.  We like early movies and we definitely like eating out before the huge dinner rush.  We're usually in bed by 9 pm most weekends, but this also comes from having crazy jobs and hours with a nuts schedule and school.  We were really the youngest people at this restaurant.  It was really good, but the service, not so much.  I wrote my review here.

More gorgeous pictures of scenery.  "Fun ahead" and "scenic route" are from the random sticker collection.  The "Day 3" and little file tab on the breakfast picture are more lovelies from the SN@P collection.  The "photo op" sticker is from the other random one that I can't remember the name of.

A little synopsis of our fun-filled day.  We headed home on day 3, even though we didn't want to.

We took the long way back to Helen through mountains and it was well worth it.  I absolutely love ice on the sides of mountains.  We stopped several times for some really good shots.  Bottom picture is our last breakfast.  Delicious omelet, sausage, and a pear with brown sugar and something else.  Another win in my book!

So the last page is a little incomplete.  I actually plan on completing it this week.  The top will be a panoramic shot of the mountains on our drive back down to Helen.  The blank 3x4 on the left will be a QR code for our dual zip line video.  It was a BLAST!!  All of the stickers are from the SN@P collection.

Another of Michael and I all suited up for our zip line tour with Zip n Time.  It was so much fun and the people that work there were an absolute blast!!  The group of people we were with were just as fun!!  We will definitely be doing it again!

Fun little filler card from the February kit.  The stamp I used was from the March kit, I believe.  I really don't remember.

Lovely picture of my wonderful husband just before our dual zip line.  The journaling card is from the February PL kit.

And finally...you can see the lines for our last zip.  It was a 1/2 mile dual zip.  The lines are far enough apart so you wouldn't smack the other person.  In the clearing in the middle of the picture was the platform we landed on.  It was such a rush!  It does cost extra, but well worth it!

Overall, amazing trip.  We had a blast and were definitely not ready to come home!  And now, the binder is all caught up!  So excited to be staying on track with it!!

That's all for Week 8.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts!  


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