{Project Life} Week 16: 04.14-04.20

Welcome to my Project Life update!  If you are new to Brighter Horizons, hello and kick back, stay awhile!  I'm Nubia - I'm a fairly newlywed {a year and a half} and doing what I can to try to document my wonderful life with my husband and sharing our experiences in the process.  If you want to check out PL from my beginning, click here.  There are also some other links in that blog that describe what this is all about.  It's something that I love and that I'm absolutely passionate about!  Happy reading!!

Week 16.  It was an intense week.  Boston bombing.  Factory explosion in Texas.  My sister-in-law's mother-in-law passed away.  A lot went on.  But we still had to make time for us.  Which is what we did.

All of the journaling cards I used are from Studio Calico's monthly PL kits.  Unfortunately, I don't remember which ones are from which month.  I do know that the wood grain one I used for my picture is from the February kit.  The "remember" stamp is from the new stamps I ordered from Simply Stories.  It's their SN@P collection that matches all of my stickers.  LOVE.

I felt it was necessary to include all of the devastation from this week.  It's something that needs to be remembered and since this is a book about our lives and all the things that are part of it, it shouldn't be forgotten.  I used several Atlanta Journal front page images that I found on this awesome website Newseum.  It saves front pages of newspapers from all over the world.

I added an insert this week to document all of the madness that revolved around the Boston bombings on Monday.  I also used a Blinks of Life prompt cards to write a little of how all of this made me feel.  Mostly, it made me feel thankful.  I know that sounds strange, but it made me realize how much of life I can take for granted and how amazing it is to have the people in my life that I do. 

The 4x6 card is from the Studio Calico PL kit.  The "NEWSFLASH" is a stamp from the SN@P collection.  The alpha letters I used are also from the SN@P collection.  I got the "Boston, you are in our prayers" photo on Facebook.  Wish I could give someone credit for that.

We ended up going to the Renaissance Festival in Fairburn on Saturday.  We try to go every year around opening weekend because the weather is just perfect for it.  It's been our little tradition that we definitely intend to keep pursuing.  We always watch the Barely Balanced act as soon as it opens.  It doesn't matter how many times we see it, it's still really funny!  This weekend they had a special magician from France.  I don't remember his name and I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of his poster.  He was hysterical!  It was definitely an added bonus.  Naturally, we enjoyed some delicious fried pickles, fried brownies, and shared a turkey leg.  We usually stop into this little spice shop, Raven's Nest I think, but we have so many spices right now we decided to skip it.  We found an awesome little shop that infuses olive oil and balsamic vinegar with different flavors.  We ended up buying a bottle of olive oil with lemon and a mango balsamic vinegar.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Michael is pretty happy and I get really yummy dinners.  :) 

The green "True Story" card is from the April Studio Calico PL kit.  It's hard to read it, but I stamped it with "it was epic" from the one of the Studio Calico stamp collections.  The pinkish card is from the February Studio Calico PL kit, I think.  The "Today" stamp is from one of their collections as well.  I used a pennant sticker to stamp the date on the picture of me with a tree.  Yeah, there's a person in that tree.


The last page of my spread included some random pictures.  I took a very ballsy picture of my feet at the end of the tub when taking a bath on Thursday.  Yes, I held onto my phone for dear life.  {Mostly because it's not mine!  It's on loan.}  The "LOVE THIS" card is from the February Studio Calico PL kit.  We keep a lantern in the bathroom for mood setting.  ;-)  Took some fun close up shots of it with a candle burning.  I believe the background card is from the February kit as well.  Included some pictures of the warehouse that I work in {all by my lonesome}, a frappaccino from Starbucks, and lounging with the girls.  I believe all of these cards are from the April PL kit.  The last few pictures are from babysitting my nephew.  He had a BLAST playing with Bear.  It's hard to see, but the picture on the right is of the two of them rolling around on the couch.  Bear had a blast too.  The bottom one is him trying to tickle Michael.  It was adorable.  It's so fun to see Michael interact with our nephews and niece.  I really can't wait for him to be a dad.  :)  All of the stickers are from the SN@P collection.

That's all for Week 8.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts!   

***On another note, I don't know why there are such big gaps between some of the pictures.  Sometimes Blogger sucks.


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