{Project Life} Week 15: 04.07-04.13

Welcome to my Project Life update!  If you are new to Brighter Horizons, hello and kick back, stay awhile!  I'm Nubia - I'm a fairly newlywed {a year and a half} and doing what I can to try to document my wonderful life with my husband and sharing our experiences in the process.  If you want to check out PL from my beginning, click here.  There are also some other links in that blog that describe what this is all about.  It's something that I love and that I'm absolutely passionate about!  Happy reading!!
Week 15.  Not a lot went on last week.  Got some difficult news for me.  My parents were interviewed on World News Tonight, so naturally had to document that.  Dog park...pollen...just life in general.  I ended up purchasing some Doodlebug 8x8 inserts.  I had to punch another hole in them so they would line up with my binder, but I like them.

Sunday I met my good friend Drew and his dog Winston at the dog park with Bear.  Michael and I are trying to get her to socialize a little more with other dogs.  I realized that she doesn't like bigger dogs, which kind of makes me a little sad.  She loves playing with puppies though and I think she realizes they're more fragile than Jolie so she is really gentle with them.  She was playing with one little 8 week old pup and the owner was freaking out a little.  I reassured her that Bear wouldn't hurt her.  She just pounced around the little one making her Chewbacca-like noises.  {She moans like Chewy when she's playing.}  I wish I had taken video of it because thinking about it now, I would love to have included that.  The bottom photo I took when I was heading out to my cousin's in Rockmart that same day.  The sun was miraculous!  All of the stickers are from the SN@P collection and the smiley tag is from the April Studio Calico digital file.  The brad is from one of the SC kits.

The entire right side of this page I dedicated to the disgusting yellow fog that we've been living in.  Welcome to the South.  I love the card at the top.  We don't get snowed on...we get pollened.  Funny story, I sent that card to Walgreens to print with my other stuff.  I got a call from them saying that because it was copyrighted they couldn't sell it to me.  I honestly didn't even realize it.  I said it was okay, my mistake.  But then the girl kept going on about it.  I really wanted to slap her in the face...but I was nice and just kept saying okay...thanks...sorry, my bad.  Anyway...The bottom two pictures are of my car and the pollen collecting while at work and the pollen forecast for the day.  Our area is the absolute worst.  It sucks.  The background cards are from Becky Higgins' Project Life sets, but I don't remember which ones.  I love the "Just a Little Randomness" stamp from Studio Calico.  The stickers are all from the SN@P collection.

Friday I received some tough news about Michael and I trying to conceive that I ended up blogging about.  If you'd like to read the post, you can find it here. It was something very personal, but felt it needed to be shared.  I think that society doesn't want to bring to light the other side of conception that isn't pretty roses and bright, sunny skies.  I feel like it's something that people don't want to to talk about.  So I decided to use my platform for other women to know that they are not alone.  I know I'm not alone.  The "documented" stamp is from Amy Tangerine.  I copied the little chairs from my blog because I love them.

I also included the news story of my parents and their tax audit.  There's a huge thing going on with it.  They were interviewed by Steve Osunsami and it aired on Thursday (4/11).  I included a QR code for the actual video clip.  It's about 2 min long, but it's interesting.  Apparently my little nephew got so excited when he saw Oma and Opa on the TV that he had to call Oma.  My brother posted it on FB.  I need to add it to this page.  It's just one of those things that makes you smile.  The stickers are from the SN@P collection. 

I love this picture of Michael with the girls.  We usually don't let Bear on the bed, but we're really trying to train to be calm.  Usually she tried to play with Jolie and when she was a little younger, she would pee on it...all the time.  So in the morning after Michael lets them out while I get ready, he lets Bear get in the bed to lay down, but as soon as she tries to play, she has to get down.  Poor Jolie doesn't know what to do.  The bed is her sanctuary because for so long, she was the only on allowed on it.  That's why we're trying to keep it the "chill" zone.  So far...so good.  The picture to the right is my stash from Friday.  I spent a lot of money, but I love every thing that I bought.  I even managed to snag an adorable stamp set from Lawn Fawn that I've been eying.  I just pulled the trigger and did it!  I also snagged a stamp cleanser that I love.  It's helping me keep my stamps clean, which I'm not too good at.  The washi tape is actually a sticker from the SN@P collection.  Same with the "like" circle.  "This is home" is from the printable April kit from Studio Calico.

This picture turned out a little fuzzy.  It's my brother announcing that he got an internship with the JAG program this summer.  I'm so proud of him and my sister for all of their amazing accomplishments.  It's just a testament to the wonderful people that my mother helped us become.  Ü  The green heart is actually a tag from the April digital die cut file.  I just added the orange behind it to make it pop.  The polkadot washi is another sticker from the SN@P collection.

Here's the Lawn Fawn summertime charm stamp in action.  I love it.  I used a filler card from the April PL kit.  I colored in their little butts with a gold gel pen.  Hehehe...Seriously.  Love this stamp.  I actually really love this filler card.

That's all for Week 15.  Don't forget to check out The Mom Creative's PL link party for more fun and inspiring layouts!  


  1. Fine job on your page spread. Sorry to read about you issues with having kids, but glad you believe that the Lord has a purpose for you and he will provide what he wants you to do. Wow I seen that story about your parents, so sorry to see anyone got through something like this, prayers are with them and you.

    1. Thanks! I was hesitant to post all of it, but it's our life and it's what we are going through. There should be no shame in that.

  2. Loved your project life. I think it is great that you include the tough stuff because that is life.

    1. I would love for our future kids to look at this and realize not everything is sunshine and roses. There are storms too. Thanks for checking out my layout!


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